The year 2019 has come to an end and we begin the calendar once again. Just like every year we get going with our good intentions – it’s part of the deal. We take notice of our food, health and move ourselves off to the gym or to yoga lessons. For all of us the word ‘renewal’ is on the menu, and probably this year more than ever. I hear this all around me. I feel it in everything I read. It is hanging in the year and people are saying: 2020 is going to be a special year. For many reasons, 2020 is a year to seriously get going with yourself. I hear this from a lot of mediums and astrologists: the planets and stars are just right this year. We can break away from the inner search for your own place, power and identity etc. In the coming year we may step out of our cocoon and show the purest most authentic version of ourselves. Using vulnerability as power, that is what is all about. I can’t wait!   2019: a pinball machine What I feel myself when I connect to this year is a frequency which I would like to call ‘Unveiling’. The veils between the seen and unseen are thinner, which means that we can connect to even more inspiration and information; beautiful renewed creations. Creations that bring transformation underway and show us the reality in another way. This does not particularly have to be a product or a business, because this really does not have a lot to do with commerce. It is all about the tone, the intention. Which energy you give to what you do. People are sensitive for honesty. Not just telling stories, because you will not achieve a lot. In 2019 I have known many moments when I was confronted with the double-sided manner of communication that we often keep using. It is saying and promising and then doing it completely differently, because it works better that way. I have become a bit allergic to this. But I also know that this is not deliberate, because we are under such pressure, all of us. Our focus has suddenly gone, because of the enormous amount of stimulations we get. That is why it is logical that you can, one day, be passionately talking to someone about something and a week later you are asking yourself if this is the same person in front of you. We live a fragmented lifestyle with little bits of emotion here and there. It swings constantly and inside it feels like a pinball machine!   Re-finding yourself Standing in your center is the exercise for 2020, but not allowing yourself any shortfall or adaption to circumstances. The lifting of the veil is on the one hand daring to show yourself: your real feelings, desires and emotions. But also your shadow side, which is just as important for your growth because it brings challenges onto your path. On the other side it’s opening yourself to the Divine (or if you find this term ‘too loaded’) magic. We are not alone in this dimension; there is help when we ask for it. Taking a helping hand and moving ahead with trust, is a challenge which reaches us in the core, because we are used to always having control over everything. The real control freaks are going to have a troublesome year, I feel. If you are not flexible and you are not open to change, then surprises will come onto your path which could make you feel out of balance. On the other hand going with the flow can bring enormous successes, because the energy is moving towards abundance. It is re-finding yourself once more by bringing deeper emotions to the surface. I found it out this way in the past year and it is not much fun I can tell you that. Without judging anyone, I had quite a tough time and often asked myself: what is the meaning of this! The answer is that I had to detach myself from an older version of me. Perhaps you recognize this and the feeling that you have grown out of your clothes. A part of you welcomes the change, but there is also a phase of mourning. You let go of something that was special to you. It is difficult to explain, because it is not tactile. And even so a process of renewal can be quite radical. In 2020 this will come to a climax, that is the information that I received when I made the code ‘Unveiling’. Some lovely but some less lovely things will come to light. But for those who are open and flexible, who can deal with everything, they can look forward to a nice, challenging time full of surprising twists and turns. I say: come on then 2020!   From heart to heart, Janosh