It was announced last week here in The Netherlands that slowly we are stepping out of the lockdown. The Corona virus seems to be under control, thanks to the measures taken by the Government. The schools can start again. Restaurants, clubs and museums are opening again. A normal life is coming slowly and surely into view again. But what I feel is unchanged since my last blog. I feel fear. People are fearful of infection. And if I feel deeper, then there is an even bigger fear: fear to connect.   The portals of the soul These are strange times, but we get used to everything. One-and-a-half meters distance from one another seems to be the new norm. But with the winding up of the lockdown, it will be even more difficult to keep this going with one another. How can you stay at a distance in the lanes of a busy supermarket? How can you keep your distance when you pass by one another in a shopping street? Or at your work, where everyone is ready to get going again as soon as possible?   At the same time I pick up signals from people who do not want to keep a distance at all, because they miss the connection with one another. I would like to ask these people: what does making connection mean to you? Is that purely the physical contact? Is keeping a distance of one-and-a-half meters a restriction? Or is it an invitation to make more contact? Or let me say it another way: a challenge to react with one another in a new way.   What always surprises me when I look around, is that we don’t make a lot of eye contact. We don’t dare to look at one another for long. This happens because subconsciously we know what the effect of this is. The eyes are the entrance to inside.  Because of this reason I always work in sessions with the eyes. They are the portals of the soul. Look at someone for a while, deep in the eyes and you see the truth. You see if someone is happy or not. You see if someone is afraid or open. If you are dealing with a free soul or an injured being. In a world in which we are still sitting strongly in a competitive atmosphere, we don’t like to share with one another, so we prefer to look away. We avoid eye contact, from fear that others might see our ‘shadow side’ (and perhaps misuse it).   Self-love and wanting to be seen Someone who is happy and loving towards themselves, has little to fear in the connection with others. Self-love (not to confuse with the ego) is actually very attractive. It makes us positive and self-assured. We can literally be proud of ourselves and enjoy the things that we do, without needing any confirmation from anyone else. It is what we call ‘living from the heart’. In this way we become magnets for everything beautiful that the world has to offer. But we can also define our boundaries if necessary, for example, by clearly saying what we want and by sometimes saying ‘no’ to someone.   A shortage of self-love on the other hand creates independence. Often, we may have the tendency to go looking for others, so that we can fill up our emotional shortfall. The appreciation that we do not often give ourselves. Usually we have to do something first, for example by giving an excellent performance. This keeps us in mutual competitiveness, because we all fight for the same attention and the same reward. We all want to be seen as ‘successful’ but actually we should translate that as ‘wanting to be seen’.   Seeing one another, begins with yourself. Can you look in the mirror and see how special you actually are? Can you be happy if you observe yourself? Can you say out aloud that you love yourself? How often do you stand in front of a mirror for these reasons? How often do you give yourself the love that you deserve?   A beautiful challenge If I tune into the ‘one-an- a-half meters society’ which is happening, then I feel that this is a beautiful challenge. It has, in the first place, to do with self-love. Taking yourself seriously – your health and safety first and foremost – and defining your boundaries. Will this keep us apart? Will the connection with one another be cold and superficial? I think, that the one-and-a-half-meter rule does not give an excuse or form a restriction, but actually magnifies something that was already there, and that is, that we do not accept one another completely. Moreover, it is an illusion with this rule, that we cannot have more connection, because we are not only our bodies. We are so much more than that! Communication in words and signs, just like physical contact, is only part of what we share with one another. The majority is energy. Even at one-and-a-half meters, you are still standing in one another’s energy field and an exchange takes place. You can feel if someone is in a high or low energy, purely by opening yourself to the contact. You don’t even have to be in the same space, because it also can be at a distance. This resonance is what I would call a ‘5D skill’. It is a characteristic that we all have, that is: if we activate our soul. With 5D I am referring to the 5th Dimension, where we as a collective need to grow to. It is a level of consciousness, where it is not about who the ‘best’ is or who is ‘right or wrong’ but finding a connection with one another. In 5D where there is no competition, only synergy. In 5D we are one. Whilst I am writing this, I am looking forward to the coming months when I can commit myself totally to the 5D frequency. Honestly, I find it much easier to do my best than having to function in 3D and ‘presenting’ a perfect version of myself. And I feel I am not the only one who wants this too. For this reason, I am going to begin this month with the 5D Masterclass: a new online program to assist and carry the shift to the 5th Dimension. 7 characteristics are central which are important to prepare yourself for a growth in consciousness. If you want to step into this transition: the workshop is going live soon …   For anyone who reads this and is afraid to come out of the lockdown: have faith. Take this time as a period of challenge: in the first place, learn to appreciate yourself again and at the same time, the people all around you. Begin with self-love. I will share the activation Self-Love in the next free webinar and then you will see that you are more connected to your surroundings than you were before. That you can reach someone without actually touching them. This is the start: our joint process has begun. From fear to love. From one-and-a-half meters to unity consciousness. From 3D to 5D. From heart to heart, Janosh   Hope to connect with you in the next webinar. Wednesday 13 May ... Join for free and watch the Activation Self Love.