A retreat with balls, that enlightens and accommodates. Because men think and want things differently. This is the XL version, which means that you will be ‘off the grid’ even longer, in a beautiful environment in which all sorts of extra’s will contribute to activating your spirit. Think about excursions, walks, trips into the mountains, rituals in nature, meditations in places of power and open circles around the campfire. Artist Janosh will take and inspire you there for a whole week, away from the ‘hustle and bustle’, to experience spirituality in a manly way.


Wild Scotland

The wild and authentic landscape of Scotland should be on everyone’s list for a visit. It is a breathtaking canvas of mountains, lakes (lochs) and highlands, where you feel as if you have stepped out of time. It is where our spiritual ‘fraternity’ will come together for a week. We are going to dive into the history of Scotland: the clans, the castles and also the Neolithic monuments which are over 4000 years old. And of course, The Highland Games will not be missed – which have been included by Janosh as a ritual in the programme. Everything will be there to test your manhood in the Scottish Highlands and in between, to ground your spiritual side.


Activate your spiritual warrior

Manpower is not only something physical. It is also lurid and spiritual. Experiencing yourself on a level where ego and competition no longer play a role. Where the soul takes over from the work alcoholic. Where the hardness disappears and the soft voice inside you shows you the right way. It brings the answers to your essential life questions, such as ‘Who am I?’ ‘What do I want?’ and “Where am I going?’

In Brotherhood we are going to activate inspiration and powers that you did not know you had. This is the process of awakening, which will be central, with Janosh as an experienced guide on a mind cleansing trip. Activate the spiritual warrior in yourself, through meditation, visualization, interaction and rituals.


What you can expect

A retreat is something you do to observe yourself from a distance (in meditation). It is deep searching within, which can lead to new perspectives and expectations in life. Even though Janosh makes this same promise in all his retreats, his approach is not exactly what people expect. You can feel this in his retreats, which are comprised of:

Activations – visual meditation with geometric images and powerful music that can reach you on a very deep level.
Meditations – journeying in thoughts on the waves of (live) soundscapes.
Physical Exercises – a ‘body language’ based on geometry.
Reflection – Janosh will ‘scan’ your energetic field to see where you are standing.
Rituals – To ground energy and intentions.

In Brotherhood all these elements will be included with ‘open circles’ in between so that we can share what we are feeling and what obstructions we are encountering.


Start Sunday 17 May 2020 – 12 AM pick at Glastonbury Airport
End Friday 22 May 2020 – Departure between 2-3 PM

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