It is busy on the socials. I see and read all sorts about the Corona crisis, how it influences us and what we have to learn from it. There are many people who try to find links. A lot towards ‘conspiracy theories’, which I cannot take part in because I do not want to create any fear. But what I do feel is that we are on the way to a new period in time. The world will look very different. We are moving more and more from 3D to 5D.

In the previous blogs, I have often repeated that we, at this time, are standing for a simple choice: fear or love. There is a lot going around about how we as people are being manipulated in this crisis and if the conspiracy theories are true or not: I am convinced that people do not grow through fear. It just feeds the insecurity and competition, whilst that is exactly what we have to go beyond in this time. That is why I prefer to walk the way of inspiration and motivation. I actually believe that we are standing in the prelude of a huge leap in consciousness, in which we step over from individualism to oneness. There is a difference. And also, in this we all stand for the same choice, that is fear or love.


Ego versus authenticity

If you are talking about individualism, then I think about ego. Choosing for yourself, sailing your own course and often at the expense of another. It is striving for a certain status in the community, with the goal of being better than someone else. In the underlying competition we are often battling for the same attention, the same things and the same rewards. We are so busy trying to convince and criticize. In my experience this is a dead-end road for all of us. It is a repetition of the patterns that we have been living for centuries, with the only end result, that one succeeds and the other fails. And even so I feel that we have been offered an amazing challenge to be able to connect with one another even more and to grow towards a higher consciousness.

If I tune into the ‘old world’ which many people are clinging onto, then I feel that there is nothing more to be learnt. We all know the way of the individual, and then – the challenge is that of the collective. But the patterns of the ‘old me’ are strongly rooted in our system. The ego does not give in easily, so that we have the tendency to still keep thinking in our own self-interest. That is why we are scared more easily of losing control, just like with the Corona virus. We miss certain securities. We suddenly have been made dependent on one another. That is exceptionally scary and challenging at the same time. It is just how you look at it.

On the way to the ‘new world’ I feel that there is something beautiful in us which is beginning to bloom. I see this in the questions I receive. We want to know how we can reach our own ‘true self’. How we can live more from our heart. How we can contribute to a better world and how we can include others in this. These are incredible intentions, that do not come from the ego. They are feed from a much deeper desire to oneness. It makes us think much more about the consequences of our actions and trying to search what makes us unique and powerful. The growth begins with the choice for love and especially love for yourself. Love that leads to the answer: ‘who am I?’ and actions that portray a strong authenticity.


Climbing the other ladder

What I feel is that in the near future we are all going to come to a turning point. We can go back to the past and do another round in the ring of ‘fighting for what you are worth’ or we can go together on a new adventure, on the way to the unknown. A lot will depend if we are prepared to look at ourselves. What are your beliefs? What do really find important? What do you desire? And is that in line with what you thought was important before?

What makes a person successful? This is one of my biggest questions in life, that I look into with passion every day. As I see it, is success dependent on your perspective and in which world you experience yourself. Do you want to carry on along the well-known way, then success is about what you own, how much power you have and how much attention you are able to place upon yourself? The climbing of the ‘ladder of success’ goes by battle, winning (on yourself and others) and putting down individual performances that feed the ego. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t be surprised if you see hardships because others make misuse of your situation. That is a part of the 3D game, which you are playing.

But you have a choice: you can switch. You can move on and play another game. You can start climbing another ladder, in which I feel that there is much more to ‘gain’. I am talking here about the ‘ladder of consciousness’, which gives another meaning to success. On this ladder you elevate yourself through self-reflection, empathy and synergy. There is one way together to trying to be the ‘Bigger We’, by connecting your intentions to a higher purpose. It asks you to look closely at who you are and the reason for your existence. Why are you here? What is your mission in life? Which talents and characteristics form your piece in the big puzzle. What do you do for yourself which gives others something?


The seven 5D skills

It was in 2011 when I started my first online workshop – this was called The 5D Challenge. At the time I really enjoyed making this and also the reactions from the participants. It was 11 exhausting weeks going through a groups’ process together, with all sorts of new insights as the result. Without knowing, this workshop put down the blueprint for many columns, blogs and workshops that would follow, in which I still set the same central message: we are on the way to the 5th Dimension. A world beyond duality and competition, in which we share from heart to heart and unite the desires of the human and the soul.

I have always felt that there would be a moment that this new world would be lying at our feet. That moment seems to be approaching now. But we have to step across the threshold, because the shift asks for a new way of living. Living in 5D means that you also need to activate the skills of 5D. These are characteristics such as, outlining your consciousness, the elevation of your energy frequency, the connection from heart to heart and picking up the synchronicity. Important skills to go higher up the ladder of consciousness and to give your soul more and more freedom.

The signals that I pick up about the 5th Dimension have inspired me to give a new lease of life to the workshop from 2011. Therefore, I have enhanced the workshop considerably and brought together the ‘5D skills’ to 7 competence skills. There are many new insights and lots of activations to speed up your growth towards 5D. Whilst I write this, I am actually working on the program. It will begin in May and I cannot wait. If you want to participate, keep a watch on the website. I will be announcing more about this soon.


In the webinar next Friday (May 1st) I will share more about this. We are doing the activation Rescue this time. I hope that you will be there.

From heart to heart,