The Corona crisis rages forth (we are right in the middle) and I see everything passing by on TV and Internet. What overrules, is a feeling of mistrust. I get this from a lot of messages and see how people react. The big underlying question now is: ‘what can I trust?’ Personally, I feel: the signals are getting clearer. Also, the information that I receive from my guides, the Arcturians. It is not that complex. We as people want complex answers, because that feels more important. But what it is actually about is quite simple: do we choose (together) for fear or love?   The ultimate truth There is mistrust hanging in the air. You don’t have to be a medium to feel this. In the mass consciousness everyone is busy with investigating: what is true and what is not? Who can we actually believe? The media, the doctors, the political leaders? Or the free-thinkers and gurus, who are sending other messages into the media? Who knows the truth about what is happening? And can the truth be proved? Let me answer this with another question: why are we so fanatical about searching for answers? My feeling says that it is because it is not right. And that is what we all feel. That is why we go searching for information, with the result that we get lost on internet or social media. It seems as if everyone has a different point of view. There are fewer positive messages, that is for sure. The News seems to have a mission to spread fear, because a quick scan through the news headlines, only provides negative news. In this way we all create an oil spill of negative energy, in which the ‘ultimate truth’ is very hard to find. Now I know, after years of doing channelings, that the truth does not exist. The truth is always subject to the filter of the one who receives (and the sender). The truth is influenced by our past: by what we have learned and experienced. And the majority of us got this from our upbringing, meaning that knowledge and facts count. What you feel is subordinance. That is why we have the tendency to go digging deeper into the news – we literally slurp it up. We do the same with science, complot theories and statistics. We hanker for knowledge which gives us control, or at best case, an answer that offers hope.   Addicted to knowledge With our investigative nature and behavior, we all work on the oil spill. We fill the field of consciousness with more and more negativity. That pollutes our DNA. We file the wrong messages into our cell memory and our system reacts to that. The stress increases in our body, with the result that our immunity diminishes. Our frequency goes down, with the danger that you actually begin to fight against yourself. And because not everyone takes notice of the self-reflection, the fight gets passed on into the surroundings. And then discussions, conflicts and inflammations occur. It seems to occur outside yourself, but in actual fact it is the negative energy that you are trying to get rid of, just like a virus that wants to get out of your body. The battle that goes together actually says that you choose for the long way.   A message from the Arcturians about this:
‘You are addicted to knowledge. So much knowledge gets sucked in that there is no more time taken to absorb it. Or a certain amount of time is taken to filter it. What resonates and what doesn’t? Because the system gets completely filled then you are not able to see the difference anymore. Let’s assume that everyone shares, from his or her truth and that it is no longer about who is right anymore. There is no right or wrong. What it is all about is: what is your filter?’
  You have a choice Whatever you discover or read: you constantly have a choice. So, to keep in line with the words from the Arcturians: let’s assume that everyone shares from his or her truth. Then the only question is: what can you do with it? What do you want to do with it? If you know that it is for your growth, your frequency and the general frequency of the mass consciousness, as well as for the health of your mind and body and it does not have an effect, then why would you connect with it? Pay attention to that, because it will not change anything. The fight in yourself only becomes bigger. You are actually making what should leave your system stronger. So, as everything is in life: everything you give attention to, will grow. If you choose for love and trust, for positivity and growth, then that will feed your body, mind and soul. The fight from others will just pass you by. You are standing in the eye of the storm. Also, the overruling Corona virus (which will not be the last) has no influence on you anymore, because you do not resonate with it. It cannot connect with you because you are on another level. You vibrate differently. I am not convinced that we are standing “Together for Corona” (a governmental slogan), but that we all have to raise our frequency. If we do that, then the virus will not resonate any more. If the critical masses could go from fear to love, then a virus like this will suddenly disappear.   What the Arcturians say:
‘Look around you and get all your answers from the positive. Get the knowledge from your deeper Being, because all the knowledge is already within. If you look at what is happening now, you see that children are less susceptible. Why? Because they are more connected to their essence. They are not looking for negativity and therefore feel less fear. They live in the moment, fantasize and react primarily on their intuition and emotions, without any fear of the outcome. Their frequency is therefore higher. And in this way, they are actually not the problem but more an example for all of you. Just like any other virus, this is a form of energy with a low vibration of approximately 5,5 Hz to 14,5 Hz. The virus dies at 25,5 Hz and higher. For someone with higher vibrations, something which in your dimension is translated as love, it is therefore no more dangerous than a severe cold or flu, because the body of a healthy soul vibrates at a higher level. Every now and again it slides, for different reasons, into lower vibrations for example with tiredness, emotional exhaustion, negative stress or over stimulation. You become ill to get back into balance again. A normal flu or cold is a sort of energetic healing. The average frequency on Earth at the moment is 27,1 Hz and it should be destructive enough for the virus. But there are places where the earth’s frequency is much lower and where the vibrations are less. Definitely in places where people are in fear for a long period of time. This has to be healed and you can raise your frequency by working on yourself and by activating definite intentions of unity and love.
  Together (against Corona) raising our frequency Just as I began this blog, I still feel: that it is all simple. In the source it is all about one question: do you choose fear or love? You can weigh your choice in many areas. You can search for the balance in a number of situations. In this way you have a free will. You are free in the choices that you make. And what choice you make, each direction is good. The only thing you have to ask yourself is if you choose for the short or long way. Do you choose for fear or for love? At this time, we can all grow quickly in consciousness. We can heal faster from emotional pain. We can connect ourselves more easily with healing energies. That is if you choose to. Prepare yourself that mankind will split into two groups. A large part will have a tough time (allowing themselves to be guided by fear). The other part will have an amazing time (those who choose for love). But pay attention: the choice is not made in your head. It is a choice from the heart and penetrates into everything you think and do. It is a way of life. This is what I felt during the past two webinars. I was touched by this beautiful connection, the messages, how we react to one another and how much optimism we, as a group, had. I am very grateful for the approx. 2400 people who were online (with also a huge number who watched the repeat later on) and I know for sure that we are actually making something happen in the mass consciousness. That is why I want to invite you to the next webinar to participate again when we are going to raise our frequency considerably. On Good Friday with the activation Christ Consciousness. The more people who take part, the stronger our signal will be to the outside. So please pass it on, so that more people can join in because, as I said before: if the critical masses can be persuaded to go from fear to love, then a virus like this will suddenly disappear. Enroll for free, then I hope to connect with you, until the 10th April From heart to heart, Janosh