Activate your highest potential.

Meditating with Janosh is a high-quality, cinematic experience, full of interesting twists. The images, texts and music gradually take you into the depths, where you make contact with your emotions, desires and spiritual awareness. It is a unique experience that brings the idea of group meditation to a new level.

Take a step back from reality

During his presentations Janosh covers lots of topics about spiritual growth, creativity and the power of thoughts and intentions. His goal is always to trigger you to take a step back from reality, so that that you can look at your life from a distance.

Being the first Dutchman to host a spiritual event at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, Janosh has turned his passion into a global project. He has toured in America, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and Australia. It is his goal to help as many people as possible to increase their consciousness, so that we can connect and make better decisions for ourselves, the people, the planet and the generations to come.

A few highlights from the past:

2004 – First presentation 
 – Sacred Geometry World Tour (United States, Canada, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Russia, Australia)
2007/2008 – Presentation for the staff of the United Nations (New York)
2011 – Opening Energy Lab (own spiritual centre in Holland)
2011/2013/2014 – Big events in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (Holland)
2013 – Book Release in Theater De Flint Amersfoort (Holland)
2017 – VR-experience @ Sensation (Amsterdam ArenA)
2018 – Synergy Tour (Holland & Belgium)
2019 – Joined event with Steve & Barbara Rother (Belgium)

Upcoming seminars

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