Reconnect with your true Self.

Going into retreat with Janosh is to unwind, process experiences and start up new creations. In his programs, Janosh is focused on both the individual process – ‘Who am I and what do I want?’ – as of the group process – ‘What connects us to each other?’ It is a transforming journey, straight to the core, with many triggers and themes to awaken your spirit and expand your consciousness.

Accelerate your spiritual growth

There are all kinds of elements in a retreat to help you accelerate your spiritual growth, such as activations, meditations, assignments, rituals, silences, 1-on-1 sessions, ceremonies, open circles and excursions. It is a complete program including care and guidance from Janosh & team.

Typical for Janosh is his sensitivity when it comes to putting together his retreats. Besides from connecting with the prevailing energies that affect all of us, Janosh also tries to attune to the participants in advance as much as he can. He rarely runs a program exactly from A to Z, knowing that anything can happen during the healing processes. Improvisation is an important key for giving each participant what he or she comes for.

Reasons to participate:

Take time to connect with your emotions
Speed up inner healing processes
Reinvent yourself
Discover your life purpose
Get clarity about your past, present and future
Get more joy and fulfillment in life
Increase your creative power
Try something totally different!

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