Going into retreat with Janosh is to unwind, process experiences and start up new creations. In his programs, Janosh is focused on both the individual process – ‘Who am I and what do I want?’ – as of the group process – ‘What connects us to each other?’ It is a transforming journey, straight to the core, with many triggers and themes to awaken your spirit and expand your consciousness.


This 3-day retreat by Janosh is a healing experience for clearing karma, blockages and negative emotions. In isolation from the outside world you go through all kinds of layers of consciousness to get to your core, where fears and deep beliefs are rooted. With activations and different methods, Janosh helps you to overwrite these, so that you gain more space in your system.

About this retreat
A retreat is meant for you to observe yourself from a distance. It is an in-depth self-examination that can lead to new perspectives and expectations of life. With Janosh you also do that in ways you won’t find anywhere else. What you can expect in his program:

Activations – visual meditations with Sacred Geometry and powerful music that can touch you on a deep level.
Meditations – travel in mind on the waves of (live) soundscapes.
Body exercises – a “body language” based on geometry.
Mirroring – experiencing yourself through the eyes of another.
Reflection – Janosh “scans” your energetic field to see where you stand.
Rituals – putting energy and intentions into the earth.

All these elements are present in this retreat, with “open circles” in between to share what we feel and what we encounter.

Additional information

The Living Room
Otterkoog 9
1822 BW Alkmaar – Nederland


Start: (Day 1) 10.00 AM (Door open at 09.30 AM)
End: (Day 3) 05.00 PM


2 nights accommodation in Twin / Private Room
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea, snacks
Workshop materials
Energetic aids


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