COSMIC CARE is an online process of 3 weeks, for relief and deep healing of the soul. Janosh takes you by the hand on the way to more love, light and a higher consciousness. Price is for the full course.


We live in a timescale where our DNA is changing. This change is a sort of planned initiation: call it evolution. We are getting our cosmic consciousness back. That makes our body vulnerable for a while. Look at it as a cleansing of our filters, after which our receptive channels can allow more love & light.

About page

  • 3 week process
  • 7 phases of deep healing
  • 7 inspiring messages by Janosh
  • 15 Activations
  • 6 Meditations (voice by Janosh)
  • Rituals & exercises
  • Online platform with clean overview
  • Start anytime


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