The magic of South England.

This summer discover the special power places in South England, that can touch you really deeply and give you entrance to invisible worlds and dimensions. Stay for five days in the magical town of Glastonbury, known as the Mecca of the Druids, where love for humans and nature is a core understanding.

Glastonbury: heart of the spiritual world

After landing at Bristol Airport there will be a transfer to Glastonbury. This little town thanks its fame to the legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. There are many signs to find, such as the Abbey Ruins, The Tor and the Chalice Well, the source where the chalice of the Last Supper is buried (people say that the water from this source has a healing power). And what about St. Michael’s Church, which is seen and the portal to the mythical Avalon.

On all of these sacred power spots you can feel a special light energy, which attracts many pilgrims every year. As well as that, these places are aligned with the ley line of Archangel Michael, a strong energy line that wakes us up and gives new impulses. The Druids built their stone circles on this line, which were meant for rituals of initiation, in which Stonehenge is the most well-known.

Five days in Glastonbury is actually not enough to experience and see everything, and our guide Manon has chosen the best locations, in combination with a number of meditations and rituals.

Searching for crop circles with Janosh

There are many organizations that offer a trip to South England, just as guides who can tell you all about this magical area. With Janosh you will experience it just a bit differently. This is because of his geometric art, which is inseparably connected with the crop fields in South England. Every year, the most special crop circles ‘appear’ in which a part resonates with what Janosh has designed. The powerful feeling that you get when you stand in a crop circle is what Janosh describes as ‘activating’.

Janosh: ‘It is a revelation. You are taken up into a sort of extra-terrestrial energy. The energy which I feel when I make my art. It is not apparent in all the crop circles, but definitely in those with a more complex form. And definitely if you stand in a ‘fresh’ one, then something happens to you. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to experience this. The farmers are often against this and do not want any tourists. But even being in the area, does something to you. That is why I want this to be part of the journey too. And from my experience if we make the right connection, something special will always take place!’

More detailed information

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