Doing what has to be done, knowing that this leads to rewards. Maybe you do not enjoy it, but it has to happen so that you are able to reach the place you want to be.


The feeling that you can just be here, that you are taking part and you can accept all the challenges in your life, without being dependent on what others think.


When you don’t think you are worth anything, then people will think the same. By raising your self-esteem lies the key to being heard and getting attention for the things you think are important.


Emotional ballast that has been absorbed in the body, can lead to physical ailments. It does not have to come that far if you allow a healing to take place in time, when you don’t directly need anyone else.


Loving yourself, just as much as you love your loved ones. Sometimes means making boundaries. It is OK to say ‘no’ now and again and demand your own space.


Looking at yourself from a distance without judgement, to feel if you are making the right choices. Dare to ask yourself critical questions. Be honest and correct yourself where necessary.

Sense of Security

Taking risks is easier if you feel that you have something to fall back on. Knowing that this safety is not outside you, but within.


Developing more feelings for the invisible communication between you and others, based on energy, intention, emotion and thoughtful power.


Sexuality is a catalysator, for fire, excitement, desire, extasy, creation and inspiration. By admitting sexual energy the key lies in more creativity and a strong self-expression.


Even if you are silent, it still can be busy in your mind. Because of this you cannot go into the deeper silence where everything becomes peaceful and clear for you.


Similarities between the inner and outer worlds, which are not just coincidences but you can explain them from your dreams, thoughts, symbols, signals, (spiritual) experiences.


Bringing feelings and insight into one line, so that they do not work against one another but just strengthen. The synergy between both of them makes you sharp and creative. In this way you can feel where you want to go and at the same time analyze which possibilities there are to get there.