Instead of worrying about others, point the attention towards yourself. It makes you aware of how great your influence is on what is happening around you.


Going through a process of choices by taking a step back to looking at the situation once more. Sometimes you go for something and feel in retrospect that the choice was not really good for you.


A change in your surroundings can lead to new choices and new successes. Sometimes it’s necessary to detach yourself from old beliefs and come home to a world where your talents and qualities are appreciated more and come into their own.


The starting up and breaking through repeating patterns in your life. This can be habits that make you happy and give results, as well as habits that make you down and give nothing.


If you are swept along into something that you know is not the intention for you, then you need to hit the break! It is necessary to remain close to yourself and not allow anyone close to you until you are able to re-adjust yourself again.


Having difficulty with changes that are good for you but which you know will lead to unknown ground. You can fight against the resistance and make it bigger, or you can choose to just go along.


If you are struck by something or someone from the field, it may feel as if you are never fully recovering from it. Preparing yourself for a resurrection, where you are stronger than ever before, is the answer to all doubts.


Searching for people that resonate with you at a deeper level and where it seems as if a meeting was destiny. You experience more than a simple friendship, more of a soul connection.


In times when you get completely stuck it’s frustrating when you don’t know how to get back into the movement. It is not the advice of others, but the hidden truths inside you which will help you move forward.


Sometimes you do the right things, although not often enough and not consequently. Think more in defined rhythms and patterns and each time you repeat them you will enjoy your growth process even more.