Doing and enjoying what you love to do, lights your fire. This gives inspiration, power and brings you to your passion, which is not a job or a career, but a State of Being.


Practising less control on your creative process, then the target will be in reach much faster. Even if this seems contrary. But by achieving the right patience and allowing luck to come to you instead of chasing you away, is the key to success.


Learning to be at peace with the drama in your life. If there is something you cannot get on with and cannot change either, then is does not help you by resisting. Make peace with yourself and your surroundings, then there will be peace again.


Knowing that your view of the world is not based on the truth but on your own filters. You can adapt these at any time, or even release, so that you get a fresh look and then you are able to understand others better.


By removing the obstacles that are blocking your way by thought, so that you can see which unexpected possibilities there are to still achieve your goals. Open your boundaries and look at things with optimism.


Taking the time to evaluate important occurrences, positive or negative. If you just keep going and park your emotions along the way, then they can get in your way.


Not everyone has the best intention for you. Sometimes you run the risk of becoming the victim of ego or manipulation. It is important that you protect yourself from this, so that you do not react from fear or are tempted to doom thinking.


Emotional ballast that does not belong to you, getting rid of it so that it no longer holds onto you. If you are sensitive for the energy in your surroundings and allow it to enter, then you can become more tired or irritated very quickly. Keep your energy field clean by cleansing yourself.


Doing things without a hidden agenda. If you are looking for something that is not visible, then you will never make a bond with others, which is based on purity.