Seeing the past as an imprint of many choices, developments and experiences, which you can look back on, at any given moment – without judgment.


Supporting a change in surroundings with a ritual, so that your inner world changes too. By initiating yourself to the new codes of behavior, makes it easier for you to adapt.

Inner Freedom

By adapting your surroundings, so much so that you are not yourself anymore. This stops you from doing and saying what you want to do. No one can give you the freedom you need, only you.

Inner Voice

The ego that wants everything (and as quickly as possible) and being able to silence that, so that you are able to listen to your inner voice in a better way, which speaks lovingly and gives the right advice.


Feeling guilty robs you of your spontaneity and creative energy. Going back to the innocence you had as a child, free from worries, can take this blockage away.


Understanding the why behind your actions and choices, make them stronger. A definite intention which you can fall back on, whichever challenge or opposition you encounter on your path.


The gift of being able to feel what is coming in the (nearby) future. Your intuition is an instrument that you don’t need to learn to use, only to take seriously.


Learning to open yourself for people or experiences that might perhaps might not have interested you. But accepting and connecting to this invitation, you can discover a completely new thing about yourself or the world.