The transmission of wishful thoughts and having the trust that there will be a reaction, like a sound that vibrates and comes back as an echo. The more specific you are about what you want, the stronger the signal will be that is on its way to you.


There are things that you can do, or interest you as if you were born for them. When you are busy with them the time seems to disappear. It almost feels as if it doesn’t cost you any energy because you are in your element.


Freeing yourself from your safe cocoon, in which you made yourself invisible. It is time to come out and to show the world how special you are.


Bringing the idea or perception home by making the result feelable. Even if it seems vague, the confirmation helps you to from the idea sphere and makes it ‘real’.


When you do what you do well and you enjoy it, then it doesn’t cost you any energy. The learning, development and fine tuning of expertise happen automatically.


The broadening of your success and possibilities, by stretching the boundaries. Look beyond the restraints of your current reality, then you will see that there is much more that you actually thought possible.