The power to be able to bring change by consciously taking action. It asks for an active approach, without thinking too long about what your next step will be.


Consciously directing your energy towards one point and moving there: then there is dedication. Often this is difficult, because there are more people and situations who all ask for your attention.


Being attracted to something that gives you enormous inspiration. It can be exciting to make contact with this, sometimes even a bit scary, because the desire can call up deep rooted emotions in you.


Bringing hidden talents and qualities to the surface which means that you are faster and appear differently in the forefront. It enables you to be able to walk successfully on new grounds.


Learning to trust your inner compass, that does not tell you exactly what you have to do, but does give you direction. Take steps in that direction, then you will be able to see for yourself where your soul is leading you.


Being somewhere or having to do something whilst in your mind you are elsewhere, gives duality. Detaching yourself from (old) situations that keep you busy, creates space and takes away the tension.


Loosening yourself from certain way of living is over. It can be difficult to disengage, because it feels so trusted. But as long as you keep holding on, you are not free.