Connecting the higher purpose of your life with what you do every day, is accepting your calling. You understand why you have come here and you are not afraid to do things in this way.

Christ Consciousness

What He brought to the world, just like all the masters before and after him, is the thought that we all carry the divine within us, that encourages us to perform small and big miracles.


Getting rid of choice stress by creating clarity about what you want. You no longer have to weigh up all the possibilities against one another, but you can filter the things that are right or wrong for you.


Working together with respect and quality, with the focus on the higher purpose. Whenever you make your own importance less than the collective importance, then you can work together to reach great heights.


Removing uncertainties by having a conversation with yourself. Ask essential questions and read the signals consequently from your body against the answer you receive.


Respect that everyone is allowed to walk their own path and choose at which speed she or he does that. Do not judge your fellow man from your own position but show compassion by putting yourself in another person’s situation.


Accepting yourself completely just as you are, by embracing your goodness as well as your shadow side. This is part of you too. Don’t judge, otherwise it might just go against you.


Being alert which wishes and thoughts you transmit, so that when they reflect back you receive the confirmation that you really want.


Being in contact with your Higher Self, that can explain important experiences. Knowing what the intention is, makes you more aware and less fearful to keep going.


Success is a product of huge imagination. Practice fantasizing and then you will dare to attach the most daring thoughts to the reality.


Being able to finish off processes, so that you have the space before the next thing announces itself. That is how to keep the cycle of personal growth going. The end is not the end but the beginning of a new experience.