The feeling that you can create anything you need at any moment, whatever it is. This takes you out of survival mode, so that you longer need to live in shortfall but experience that everything is available in abundance.


Accepting that you cannot change or put right everything at once, however much you want to do that. Some processes need time. Don’t ask too much of yourself straightaway but think in small steps.


Ensure that you keep moving forward by continually anchoring your growth. In that way you make change permanent and that you don’t fall back into old patterns.


Whatever experience you get in life, sometimes you just want to go back to safely and the known. The moment of homecoming does not have to be attached to one place.


The experience of a higher state of Being, in which you are light and peaceful and can feel the love that is surrounding you. It is creating you own piece of heaven on earth, where everyone is welcome and that we are all equals with one another.


Daring to show how unique you are, even it that feels strange. Copying and adapting, makes you disappear into the masses, not being authentic.