Ultimate Return

By getting back the spirit you learnt about the programs and behavioral patterns, when you were purely discovering. It allows you to go back to the special soul that you are.


To take away the judgment about yourself and your surroundings, so that a connection is possible. By ‘shutting off’ your filters and learned beliefs, you are able to see things that you never noticed before.


Wanting to have and keep control of everything that is happening: makes you less flexible. Sometimes you completely have to let go of control, so that a new plan – something you never thought was possible – has the time to unfold itself.

Unity Consciousness

Experiencing yourself as a part of the bigger picture, that functions in unity. Feeling this gives power and trust and makes an end to solitude.


Bringing hidden truths to the light, so that no one has be the casualty. It asks you to be an honorable hero and to take off your mask, knowing that you save others from (emotional) damage.