In times of speed and change, daring to let go of control. Then you ensure that you are not going against the flow. By moving too, you grow quicker and come out at the place where you want to be.


The transcending of certain thoughts that you accept as the truth by mistake. This can stand in the way of your growth, which makes you stuck in situations that you have already long grown out of.


Allowing growth in consciousness to work through the physical level, giving your body the time that new insights become a memory in the brain and cells.


Change does not have to go hand in hand with suffering but can be a process of pleasure. It is not that you have experience something dramatic first. You can just choose to start up the transformation process.


A new phase in life is welcomed. If you do not fight against the change but embrace it, then the transition will be smoother.


Learning to trust your vision. Perhaps is not yet apparent where you are going, but you have a special feeling. Sometimes that is enough to understand that you should not stop but keep going.

Turning Point

Steering and living towards a change which is permanent. It can happen at any moment. If you feel that you are walking towards a dead end, then take the decision to do something different so that you can find yourself once again.