June 14, 2017


For a couple of weeks I have regularly been writing blogs about the theme money and how we can get rid of the feeling of shortage. In the Money Trip, the 8 day workshop, in which we turn around the energy of money (from rejecting to attracting) I share a film which actually says everything about what you feel if you are constantly confronted with lack of money. Then you are sitting (as I call it) in the corner where you get hit.

Fighting for what you are worth

Invoices, reminders, fines, little ‘mistakes’ that cost hundreds of Euros … it all happens when you are sitting in the wrong corner. In some or other way you keep attracting things: that little slap on your wrist and just when you think that you had got everything organized. Your bank account is hemorrhaging and you don’t know what to do anymore. If you feel this, then it is time to take definite measures. The fighter’s mentality that is what you need! You have to come out of the corner, away from all the worries and problems. That only happens when you decide enough is enough. And then you are sitting in the most difficult part: that ‘being entitled to’ which we don’t often feel.

What I have learnt over the years is that in spirituality there is a belief that everything that happens to you is meant to help you to grow. Even though I am absolutely a supporter of self-reflection, I don’t always find it necessary to analyze every experience for yourself and definitely not if it’s about money problems. Money is a reflection of your own self-worth and esteem. And sometimes you have to fight for what you are worth: it’s as simple as that. If you feel that you can do more, earn more and therefore worth more, than you actually receive, then you have to stand up for yourself.

A revelation

A few years ago I thought differently about this. I had the belief that if I was positive and loving towards myself and my surroundings, then abundance would come to me automatically. I believed in this so strongly that I was prepared to accept the deficit as a part of my process. It had to be good for something, that is how I saw it. But if along the way you get a couple of knocks and then become stressed out, then thinking positively and lovingly every day is a lot more difficult.

Believe me: I know the corner where you get hit. I know how you get there and how quickly your self-worth and esteem falls. Happily I know how liberating it is when you make a fist and dare to say: ‘I don’t accept this anymore!’ Then you release the fire within. You fight your way out of the worries, so that you can feel once again how much you are worth. I have experienced this is a revelation and if you are in the position where you are constantly surprised, then I want to inspire you to look at yourself more often in the mirror and say: ‘I don’t accept this any more, I deserve and I am worth it, to live in abundance!’

Inspired? I have so much more to share with you! On the 18th September 2017 we are starting the Money Trip again, in which we accept money as our challenge to grow.

From heart to heart,

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Svetlana Vdoveva June 14, 2017 at 9:28 PM

Благодарю! От Сердца к Сердцу!