October 9, 2017

Your element is what you carry in your genes

The find your Soulpurpose, is to remember what your Element is. What was I born for? What am I good in? What can you repeatedly do without interruptions with little effort?

The answer will not be that exciting, because you know what you are good at from within. It just feels so natural that you don’t really think about it. Just realize that this is how is should be and that you don’t need to go looking for answers. Your element is a fact. It is not in knowledge, but in your genes. It had been decided at your birth. Think about things that you do without stopping to think about it. Things that you did as a child where you could see that you had a natural talent.

Your element is a fact. It cannot be found in knowledge, but in your genes.

Perhaps you find it really easy to make contact with people. Or are you good at listening and observing. Are you practical, then you are probably a good planner and organizer. Do you have an analytical way of thinking, then you are probably good at dealing with complex systems. Or are you more a creative person who is good in thinking out of the box. Wherever your element lies, nobody needs to tell you. You feel it. It is the thing that you know which you can always fall back on, whatever happens.

A clear signal when you are not in your element is when things take time and cost effort. Even if you have found something that you really want to do, if you have to keep thinking about it, then it’s not a part of you. Remember: you haven’t learnt your element. At the same time, never underestimate the value of your element. Look at it as an essential tool that you were given to be able to do what you came here to do.

The tools needed to live your calling

I remember very well a few years ago when I felt the energy of Element arrive. For days and days I couldn’t think of anything else. I used the word element in almost every sentence just like I often do when channelling a new hologram – the energy first has to manifest in me. And when I was ready to sit down behind my computer and to make Element, afterwards I felt that not a lot had actually happened to me. I thought that was strange, because normally I am jumping up and down. I didn’t feel anything special. Even though the hologram felt right to me, I was unable to ground it. It was just as if I had savoured something but I could not recognize the taste.

Feeling in your element is basically not that special. It is not a revelation of a heavenly feeling of coming home.

If you had asked me why, then I would have said that there is nothing wrong. At the time I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it and I am not sharing this story because there is a nice plot in it. I am sharing it purely because that indefinable feeling is so recognizable. The feeling that element is in your basics is not something special. It is not a revelation or a heavenly feeling of coming home. Your element is something like making contact with your legs: you know that they are there and that you need them to walk, but it does not feel that special. That feeling is totally different if your legs are missing. Then you cannot stand up, or walk and you have the feeling that something is not right. You are not completely in your element because you are missing something.

When I am making a hologram I am in my element. I go into a trance; into a higher vibration in which I can consciously grasp this really special geometric code. It’s logical that I don’t feel a lot, because at that moment nothing actually touches me. However in other situations I can really feel something happened. For example if I am walking along a busy shopping street with a lot going on and much noise, then I often have the tendency to withdraw and not make a lot of eye contact. Working in a shop in the middle of Amsterdam is something, which would not fit in with my element (just saying). I have to have my space to be able to function and to use my qualities optimally.

Knowing what you are good at is important in realizing your calling. It can be very inspiring to go along a new path, but if you don’t take your tools, which you have been using for years, then sooner or later you will walk up against a wall. You slowly forget who you are and what makes you so special. A nice quite from Albert Einstein illustrates this feeling:
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”    

An eagle that suddenly decides to go and live amongst the bushes will not be happy. That also applies to you if you make the decision from one day to the next to go and do something that you have never been good in and probably will never be good at. It is more about the characteristics you had a child, the qualities from core that define you as a person that you need to go and work with.

It can be very inspiring to walk along new paths, but if you don’t take the right tools, which you have been using for years, then sooner or later you will walk up against a wall.

If you have always been a speaker, then look for a place where you can speak (so not in the library!). Are you a thinker that sits there hatching on a successful idea, then use this quality in a creative place where you have the task to surprise or innovate. Look for the golden thread in all your desires. Keep on building qualities! Things that do not suite you, you have to see them for what they are: nice to have tried them. Remain in your element, even if others think that you should not do it.

An important part of my element is: designing. I have done that for more than 30 years. And even before I choose to be a graphic designer as my profession, I had an eye for style and composition. That has always been in me. I have a certain flair for it. Logical that I always found myself in places where this element was always present. I had a job in a florist, in fashion and then in advertising and the same golden thread was always in all of my activities. That is the reason that I can look back with pride to what I have done in the past, I was always attached to the things I am good in from the core.

Your true element is in the first instance unnoticeable, but unmissable for every step that you take.

If you find it difficult to find out what you are good in, I understand. Just as I said earlier: feeling your element is in the basics, nothing special. It is a given fact. Moreover it is not something – and this is important to remember – that you receive a compliment for all the time! We compliment one another when we have done something that was difficult and which we struggled to do. Doing something that is not obvious, gives you the feeling of appreciation. Doing something that feels natural does not give you a special feeling, because people just feel that it is right. To give you an example: people are impressed by my art, but not very often does someone come up to me and say: you made that beautifully! Why not? Because they feel that the intention is right. The art is not the end result for me. It is my element. It is purely the tool that I give to myself and others to be able to live my calling. So don’t go searching for compliments from others. Your true element is not apparent in the first place, but unmissable for every step you take.

I share this chapter from my book 'Activate Your Calling' according to the Frequency of the week: ELEMENT

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