May 16, 2017

The Money Trip: Online

If money did not exist, what would you do? Is money the reason why you don't want to begin? Does it feel like a risk? Don't you dare to begin? Do you postpone your growth because of lack of money? In other words: does money make you a victim?

Take The Money Trip with Janosh, a short journey for 8 days in to change the energy in higher spheres. We are taking the 'sting' out of the process, so that you go from 'rejecting' to 'attracting'. Every day you will get a frequency to connect you with money and in that way you will create a mind-set: Money is my creation with awareness. Look forward to an enriching trip in which different 'money frequencies' will stimulate you to grow in consciousness.

What you can expect

The Money Trip is a 8 day online workshop. Every day when you get up a new webpage will be waiting for you with inspiration. You may contact with the frequency of the day (via an activation or meditation) and you will also get a small exercise. After a few days you will be aware that something has changed in you. You experience yourself as lighter, more powerful and thinking bigger. The negative charge on money transforms: it becomes a silent power that drives you. Finally you will come to the conclusion that money has never been your 'problem' but the challenge that you were avoiding.


Do you want to take part in The Money Trip? Enroll now through this Webshop. You will receive a confirmation of your participation and all the inlog codes shortly before the start and from the start date you can log in every day. The workshop commences on 6th June 2017 and lasts for 8 days.

Price: 11,95 euro for the complete 8 days.

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viviane May 17, 2017 at 7:42 PM

Dank U Janosh voor deze mooie aanbieding, zo krijgt iedereen de kans om begeleid te groeien.
Zeer mooi hoor.