March 13, 2018

Moving effortlessly with the daily energy...

Move in a supple way through all the days of the week, if you come along on The Rainbow Flow. This 7-day trip allows you to experience how you can have ‘the perfect week’ with space for everything that a person needs. Think about rest, relaxation, pleasure, development, focus, trust, passion and spiritual growth. All these frequencies come back in the colours of the rainbow, which we are going to use in this online workshop as the central theme for the beginning of a flow.

Why a rainbow?

A rainbow is a magical phenomenon. It symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth. The earthly and the divine merge with one another. This is what we also want to experience in life; that there is at least a little bit of magic in our daily activities. As well we also want things to go smoothly, like in a ‘flow’. Like the colours of the rainbow merge into one another, we can also effortlessly switch between the different worlds of work, home, friends, family etc.

But the rainbow represents so much more. It symbolizes the harmony between everything that exists. It represents wealth and richness – think about the little pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. And the form of an arch represents expansion. Al these elements together create a wonder that fits perfectly in the spirit of Spring!

The ‘perfect’ week

Everyone knows the Monday stress, the lazy Sunday, the Wednesday afternoon dip and the relaxed Friday afternoon vibe. These are moments during the week when something ‘is hanging in the air’. People are connected at that moment with a certain frequency feeling, which is also stimulated in the media. Attuning yourself energetically to moments that can help you to come into the flow easily, so that you move thoughtlessly through time. This is what we are going to do with The Rainbow Flow; we are splitting up the week based on frequency feelings. Combining this with activations, which will help you to go along with the energy of the day.

How does it work?

You do The Rainbow Flow online. The intention is that you move effortlessly from day 1 until day 7 through the week. Each day has a colour (7 days = 7 colours) with a meaning that marks the energy of the week. Frequencies are attached to this to help you to focus. You will also receive exercises and rituals to ensure that, during the entire week, you can foresee your natural needs. It will feel like a ‘complete week’ in which you can create, grow and release.

The start

The Rainbow Flow online starts on March 21st. When you enrol, you will receive a confirmation of participation and close to the start a password to log in. From the 21st March 2018 the website will be officially open and then every day you can get going!

Enrol now...

After the 7-day period you will be able to access the website to repeat the rhythm if you want to keep the flow going.

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Jeannette Verburg March 15, 2018 at 7:48 AM

Wat gaaf dit. Ga me gelijk aanmelden!