June 11, 2017


A few weeks ago I began to write blogs on the subject of money. The general theme was: why are we so often a victim of money? By that I mean the lack of money, which we often have. A lot of people have problems with this and if you keep postponing different things in your life, simply because you don’t have enough money for it, then this applies to you.

The top 10 for success?!

Why are we so often a victim of money? This question did not suddenly come up without a reason. I felt for quite some time that money is an overruling theme and that fear often holds us in ‘thinking in shortfall’. This is exactly what moves us to be successful and why there are so many teachers and coaches scoring at this moment with a ‘top 10 for success’ of something similar. There is a huge need for ‘more’ at the moment, even though I believe that it is something else. Success, abundance, ‘the good life’, or whatever you want to call it: the truth is not in knowledge. Money is energy and it is an energy that you can either attract or reject.

How often do you think about what you would like to create? How often do you attach a value? Do you ‘live’ it, talk about it. How often do you really make contact and then transmit how much money you actually need for something? The reality is that people don’t do this very often. Money really becomes important if we want to buy something or if bills need to be paid. That doesn’t awaken anything. It does not give us energy, because we attune ourselves to the energy of shortfall. And therefore we are infected with the lack of money virus (read this blog) and we then come into a downwards spiral. You cannot get the 1,2,3, of the ‘top 10 tips for success’ from this. You have to go deeper, discover yourself and accept money as your challenge to change the reality for good.

There is no ‘quick fix’

This thought inspired me to develop the Money Trip, an 8-day workshop to turn around the energy of money in higher spheres from ‘rejecting to attracting’. Even though I quickly felt that people were open to this idea, I did not expect that the interest for the Money Trip would be so huge. More than 1000 people have enrolled, in less than one month and I could only conclude that I was right. Money is an overruling theme at this moment. It plays in our thoughts. It’s hanging in the air so to speak.

In this blog I only want to tell you that there is no ‘quick fix’ for money problems. There is no coach, guru or master or even some course that will guarantee you that you are able to rise above the lack of money. Having money and attracting money is a pure state of Being. You have to think of yourself as a magnet, transmitting what you want and blindly trusting that the energy will come back to you. That will not be possible if you are in your head, want to learn the tips and tricks or want to try and become a copy of Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey. You will have to make a choice yourself. Look at it like a game, to discover what you can actually achieve if you effectively use your own creative power.

The frequency keeps going on for a bit longer. More blogs will follow and the Money Trip has been planned again: we are going to commence with a new group on 20th November 2017. Have you taken part? Then share this with someone who in your eyes could benefit from this.

From heart to heart,

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