July 13, 2017

Meditation to a next level.

This year Janosh takes meditation to a next level. The visual aspect (geometric holograms) has been an important factor ever since the beginning. Now it has been upgraded to a whole new experience, thanks to the addition of VR (virtual reality). The release of this concept in VR was on Saturday July 8 at Sensation - The final - in the Amsterdam Arena.

Experience – Energy Frequencies

Passion is not a job or something you do. It is a frequency that activates you. And in this way there are endless numbers of energy frequencies, which we offer to you in the Energy Lab. An active meditation – or activation – brings you into a higher state of Being, in which you are raised energetically and break free from the boundaries of reality. You make contact with geometric patterns (visual) and special tones (music) that resonate with your subconscious. It is a unique method that penetrates deeply at a DNA level. A lot can be said about this: the experience shows that the feeling just cannot be described. You simply have to experience it.

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