December 22, 2016


We need to pray for love NOW! No words, no thoughts, no politics, no meaning, no senseless violence, no innocent victims, no conviction or beliefs. Just love that is all each and every person needs. Unconditional love. Help one another to bring heaven back to earth! 

Let's all pray together for love. Do the activation Unity Consciousness and open your heart. Set the intention and connect with one another across the globe. This activation will be online until Christmas. Let’s put the intention to bring love back to this Earth.

On these joyous days, and throughout the new year, may your life be filled with an abundance of love.

Heart to Heart,


The connection

The power of connection in one frequency. Connect with this frequency for yourself but also to help strengthen this frequency in the morphogenetic field. This way you contribute not only to our collective growth but also to creating Heaven on Earth.

The activations will help you to cleanse your system. You can do that by using Sacred Geometry. It is a sort of code language that your sub conscious understands. It activates the blue print of your soul. In other words: You are going to remember who you really are. The activations are healing, inspiring and powerful. It takes a few minutes and you can do them every day, whatever your age or background. Certain knowledge or experience in meditation is unnecessary. I will explain how this works.

In every activation you will see a hologram being built up. Focus in the middle of your screen and do not think about anything at all. Just keep focusing in the middle. When the colour of the hologram fade to black and white, take three deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Then close your eyes. Make contact with the music until this stops. When the music is finished you do again the three deep breaths and open your eyes.

Do not get up too quickly after the activations, and stretch to ground yourself. Drink plenty of water during the rest of the day.

During an activation you may feel emotions, or suddenly become warm or cold, or feel that you become heavier or lighter. That you start to daydream, fall asleep or feel tension. Don’t be afraid. This is just the energy starting to move around. Watch the activations regularly, because there is power in repetition. In this way you break up the unwanted programmes step by step.

In today’s world everything moves at incredible speed. Almost constantly we are subject to changes and in the high frequency of developments a lot is asked of us. We are programmed to react quickly and to perform under pressure, but at the same time, hide away our feelings. There is little time or space for personal processes. If something is bothering you, then you have to find a quick solution, because life goes on … with or without you.

The ‘quick fix’ which we usually choose is, therapy, medicines, self-help books or in the worst scenario narcotic drugs. Just like our body our soul has the gift and ability to heal itself, but we don’t listen well enough to the messages we receive in our subconscious. In other words: we ignore our feelings, because this can lead to troublesome situations.

Communicating with the soul

To get to the source, we can meditate for hours or have long conversations, but without any doubt the quickest way to achieve something, is through Sacred Geometry. Look at it as a language you cannot understand, but you can feel. It surpasses the taught convictions in the mind that can be connected to fear, insecurity, doubt etc. Sacred Geometry is a pure communication with the soul and helps you to put things that are imbalanced, back into the proper vibration.

Quickening the processes

Nobody consciously chooses to feel afraid, down or sad, just like you cannot force love, happiness or self-confidence. It all occurs at a subconscious level. But that does not say that you cannot influence things. You can really start up processes, speed them up and/or work them out. With his unique activations Janosh is going to make this possible for everyone at home. If you want to settle up with fear or you want to grow with determination, the activations help on your way towards a conscious, enlightened and happy life.

Wake up your DNA

You are so much more than your think. We all have the immeasurable power of creation that goes beyond more than we think. This sleeping consciousness is captured in our DNA and is waiting to be woken up. It is a gift that is within us and makes it possible to create absolutely everything that we want. The activations bring you into contact with this and give you the opportunity to test your boundaries and to move them. Higher your frequency in this special time by awakening your generic material!

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Baukje Rambags December 24, 2016 at 5:37 PM

Love is the drug! Roxy music

Sandra Johnson December 23, 2016 at 2:59 AM

Thank you for this much needed activation. Bless you for all you do. Is there a way to download this on my cellphone so I can watch it anytime? I don't have a computer with internet. I again thank you and appreciate everything you do but this one is exceptional. Bless everyone...

Reinhilde Vanheusden December 22, 2016 at 3:12 PM

Ik nam net even de tijd om de activatie te doen. Weeral een fijne ervaring... Het viel me op dat als ik naar het midden van het scherm blijf kijken, ik toch met ieder oog een ander figuur zie. Dankjewel en lieve groetjes, Reinhilde

Jean Albarado December 22, 2016 at 2:56 PM

Love is all you need. Love, love, love---

Paul Yarmuchevskij
Paul Yarmuchevskij December 22, 2016 at 2:45 PM

Спасибо от души! Всем благо и любви!