July 12, 2017


In May I began to write blogs about money. It is an important theme in our life: a source of creation but also a restriction for our growth – it just depends how you look at it. This can be different every day. In general we are not often thinking about the money, which we have, but more about the money that we don’t have. We so want to receive more and live in abundance, but when do you reach that point? When are you really satisfied and what amount is attached to that?

Having the winning ticket in your hands

For one person its about a hundred thousand, for another a million. Another is more than satisfied with a few hundred Euros extra per month. Abundance does not have a set value. It is purely a feeling: a deep-rooted desire for freedom. Today it’s attached to something that you want to buy; tomorrow, being able to pay your bills without any worry. Money says where you stand and for a lot of us this means that we would all like to have more to spend. If I ask you what amount would make you happy if it was on your bank account, then you can probably think about how much this would be. The question that I personally find more interesting is: what will be the outcome of this amount?

A lot is known about the Law of Attraction. Intentions come back to you (and that is also my belief). Now there are people (believe it or not) who give instructions on Internet on how you can win the lottery just by the power of your thoughts. I am not criticizing this, but I find it funny that apparently there is the need for this information. It tells me something about the mentality of many people who all want to have the ‘winning ticket’ in their hands. Abundance to them is a prize that they want to win, even though I ask myself: is that what you really aspire in your life? 

The lottery mentality does not always apply to the subject of money; it is often applies to so much more. It is a filter in which you see the end station in everything. Only achieving the maximum is enough. The best job, the highest decoration, the most beautiful house, the perfect partner, the ultimate creation… It ensures that you only experience everything temporarily and that you constantly exert yourself for the short term. It is also why a lot of people expect that after they have exerted themselves to the maximum, they are suddenly ready to receive their prize. That has often happened to me in the past when I stepped into the mode of ‘everything or nothing’ and felt that each and every step I then took had to be the breakthrough. Almost all the time, the result was disappointing, until I began to focus more on the process (and less on the end result).

There is only repetitiveness

In the Money Cycle – the follow up to the Money Trip, which commences on the `31st July 2017, I am going to go deeper into how we can make abundance a repetitive experience. It is a workshop that is all about rhythm and continuity, with the goal to remain in the ‘up energy’, in which you attract money instead of rejecting it. There are a number of very powerful frequencies that will help you to release control and to learn to trust the endless cycles of creation. And if I make this more concrete: the more you change your mind-set by repeating your patterns of success. 

To me success cannot be achieved by obtaining the ‘ultimate’ result, but the creating of something that remains beautiful, something that you can strengthen, enlarge and which invites you to keep going looking for the next challenge. Stepping into the cadence every month, peacefully and trusting, without being fixated on what you don’t need – that is the Money Cycle. Perhaps not the winning lottery ticket you are looking for, even though I think that you will make the chances of your success even bigger by following this route.

There is no end goal, no prize, and no lottery to be won. There is only repetitiveness. And each repetition should be an improvement on the one before.

From heart to heart,


The Money Cycle is the answer to how you strengthen your creation of abundance and keep it going.

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Elly July 14, 2017 at 9:03 AM

Goedenmorgen, wat fijn om iedere keer weer iets van jou te lezen. Daar herken ik stukjes in en ik ga ook voor het "herhalen!" Qua lezen is dan het resultaat dat er toch iets bljivends is.
Ik kijk uit naar de 20e! 🍀👍🏻

Kerrie Atley July 13, 2017 at 4:27 AM

I did the money trip and it was a profound experience, as are all through your method. I have a greater understanding of myself and my limited beliefs.
I have signed up for the next phase because l love looking deeply at myself with your method. Thank you everyone

Ellen Dekker July 12, 2017 at 7:43 PM

2 miljoen, voor minder doe ik het niet!