May 19, 2017


A while ago I shared my first blog about money. This theme is very actual. I see it all around me. I has made me decide to look into this in more depth, with the leading question: why do we make ourselves a victim of money? A lot of people postpone their plans, with the reason that there is a lack of money. If they don’t earn a lot of have tons of money on their bank account: there is never enough to realize what they want. My question is: is this right? Or is there something else happening, the reason why money does not flow?

A while ago I had a discussion with someone who made a very wise comment about money. He said: ‘Money can never be the reason that you cannot make progress. Money is everywhere. The problem is that the majority of people do not know what they want and therefore cannot make a request on the money that is all around’. I thought this was quite a powerful opinion and in the first instance I was not enthusiastic about it, but afterwards I could only agree that the person was right: money is not the problem. It is the lack of decision. Not knowing what you want, not daring to choose, not being able to stand up for anything. A lot of people are affected by this. They give their feelings, for which money cannot play a role, up for their desires.

The first step

People who attract money are rich; not purely for themselves but for the intentions that they have. They clearly feel what they want and ‘claim’ the money that they need to make it work. Power of Action (or Decisiveness) is in their energy field and that is the feeling with which you can create chances. Fear does exactly the opposite; it breaks away. It ensures that you become too careful, that you weigh up all the pro’s and con’s and that you remain in you head (rational thinking). Fear is, by the way, the source of power in striving for perfection. That too, is a huge stopping point for a lot of people to acknowledge their desires: it has to be perfect otherwise not.

What would be the first step to deal with the theme money differently? To make money an ally? My answer: begin with self-reflection. Avoid excuses and rebuke and ask yourself first of all: what do I want? If money did not exist, what would I do then? Try and get a concrete answer. Write it down on paper and read it out aloud. Feel what you really want, then you can take the first step to another reality, in which you get a grip on the money that is in circulation.

I am building up the energy to The Money Trip that will commence on the 20th November 2017. It is an 8-day journey that I want to take with you to bend the energy about money around in a higher state of Being: from rejecting money to attracting money. I hope that you are going to come too!

Heart to Heart,

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Janosh May 19, 2017 at 9:04 PM

Hallo Sally, na de start blijft de website nog enkele weken open. Dus als je vanaf 11 juni kunt starten, kun de hele 8 dagen doen. Van hart tot hart, Janosh

Sally Dormans May 19, 2017 at 8:02 PM

Hoi hoi! Ik heb deze vraag al elders gesteld. Ik zou graag aan deze 8 daagse workshop deelnemen, ben dan helaas op vakantie van 5 t/m 10 juni. Kan ik me evengoed aanmelden en dan later bekijken of komt er binnenkort nog eens deze workshop?
Veel bekenden van mij volgen deze workshop en voor mij is geld op dit moment een reden om de verbouwing van mijn praktijk niet te realiseren. Dus echt het onderwerp van dit moment in mijn leven.
Graag ontvang ik een reactie wat ik kan doen!
Groetjes Sally