May 17, 2017

Have I become a victim of money?

Over the past few months I have felt something in the air, an energy that has to do with money. I was actually busy with other things. The subject of money is not playing a role in my plans for the future. Even so, I cannot ignore it: everywhere I go, money is always a topic. And not in a positive way. It is charged. We are struggling with it. The overriding energy is all about fear, shortage and being careful. There is a lack of courage and inspiration. People are too passive: life just moves along. Where is the energy coming from? What is this information bringing us?

When I looked deeper into this material, I had to look at myself. Has money become an item for me too? To be truthful, it has. There are plans, which I put to one side because of money. There are risks that I avoid, because of money. I don’t think about it a lot, because it just happens automatically. You think and act in a modest way … carefully and (yes) being thrifty. Is that the right way? Is money they reason that I am sitting in the waiting room? Or let me say it differently: have I become a victim of money?

The Money Trip

If you recognize yourself in the feeling that I have just described, then I want to inspire you in the next few days to think about this differently. I want to help you to get rid of the negative charge that is lying around about money, to turn this around into something positive. If money was not experienced as a ‘problem’, then I invite you to connect with abundance. This needs another mind set. It requires from you, the energy of leadership, so that you can influence your own life and that of others.

Over the next couple of days I am going to share a short blog, which is related to money. I am building up the energy to The Money Trip that will commence on the 18th September 2017. It is an 8-day journey that I want to take with you to bend the energy about money around in a higher state of Being: from rejecting money to attracting money. I hope that you are going to come too!

Heart to Heart,

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Rita Spilliaert May 19, 2017 at 2:32 PM

het beladen gevoel komt ook zeker uit het feit dat geld tweevoudig is en onzeker : geld , wat is geld ?, geld zijn euro's maar euro's vallen weg voor fictieve cijfers op een rekening die gecoördineerd is door computer . computers worden constant gehackt ; vorige week lag gans België plat door een vorm van startende cyberwar. mag ik je vragen om niet alleen te focussen op geld ? - want de banken hebben al jaren geleden besloten muntwaarde te vervangen door fictieve betalingssystemen , binnenkort zal je alles betalen met je identiteits -chip - . Janosh misschien nog iets anders ? zoals "luxueuse waardevolle materie (lekker gezond eten, veilige huizen, veilig vervoer, comfort, ruime levensruimte met genoeg vrije tijd en accomodatie's) " bij deze creatie in te voegen ? fijn weekend xx liefs rita en co.