December 31, 2016

Frequency of the week: TIME SHIFT

Time appears to be moving faster. Everything moves so quickly and it feels as though we cannot see the wood for the trees. There are earthly frequencies that are increasing in speed and this often makes us restless. It’s as if we cannot keep up with the changes in our surroundings.

Please let go of the feeling that you have not got enough time or that you have to measure up to expectations. There is plenty of time to develop yourself and find out what you should do next. Don't hesitate about the next steps you are about to take. You have come a long way so there is no need to fear the unknown.

The frequency of Time Shift helps you to be confident about the next chapter in your life, which is about to begin.

Affirmation: The time has come to change my life.

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carol January 1, 2017 at 5:01 AM

Hi there and happy 2017 I have leant a friends cards to do a reading and it was a spread that I haven't done in many years ,but needless to say a very insightful one thank you so much for producing such a wonderful gift for all..... My spread was 9 card spread Mind :balance,healing,openness. Body :confidence,intuition,abundance. Soul :intention,third wave, communication and then you look it as Past :balance,healing,openness.Present: confidence, intuition,abundance.Future: intention ,third wave, communication and last but not least the heart card : Intuition .

With this reading I can see what has been in front of me the whole time but as the saying goes I could not see the wood for the trees....Blessings to you and yes I will be following you from here in nz and love and light to you .Carol