May 18, 2017

Free Live Webinar | ASCENSION

On Friday May 26 Janosh will share the activation ASCENSION. Feel free to join this free webinar, in which we build a strong connection together and activate the best in ourselves. Afterwards, there is time to ask questions via chat. Want to let your family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues know about this Worldwide Connection? Give it through and join it!

The power of connection in one frequency. 

Connect with this frequency for yourself but also to help strengthen this frequency in the morphogenetic field. This way you contribute not only to our collective growth but also to creating Heaven on Earth.

You can enroll through a registration page, after which you will receive more details.

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Powerful online experience

With a clear message and one of his exclusive activations, Janosh comes prepared to give you a powerful online experience that will certainly stick for a while. The people who have watched his webinars in the past, know that the energy of the holograms and specially composed music can really turn up the heat. Thousands of people worldwide have joined and many of those left wonderful comments on Facebook, telling about the magical experiences they had at home.

If you are curious and you want to join, feel free to watch the next webinar in which Janosh shares the activation ASCENSION. The frequency of ASCENSION helps you to get in touch with your own truth, thus breaking the pattern of 'following' The webinar is free to watch and you can use the chat to connect with one another.

During the broadcast Janosh will speak in English.

07:00pm GMT - 21.00 Amsterdam time

Friday 26 May  21.00 uur 8pm GMT

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