March 9, 2017


Aside from trying to show who you are, wear something that lets you feel who you are! Choose every day which energy you want to emit with the Energy Bracelet: a beautiful, high quality bracelet with a geometric pattern that works like an energy transmitter. It’s amazing to show and at the same time a very helpful tool to stay connected with your inner power at all time. Match it with the right frequency and you will never have to think about how to present yourself again, because the energy is around you already!

After launching the Energy Bracelets in 2016, they sold out very fast. To meet the demand again, a new stock has been shipped. We are very proud to announce that it also includes three brand new frequencies, which are: Creation, Development and Calling. These are limited editions, so if you are interested in these frequencies, make sure to order in time.

View all offers in the webshop and choose the Bracelet that suits you. If you already have one, you can also order new pads, so you can add or change frequencies.

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