June 17, 2017


It’s nearly time. The Money Trips commences on September 18th! For the third time we are going to take an 8-day journey, to change the energy of money in higher spheres. I am so looking forward to it and I want to give you just one last nudge to make yourself or someone else part of this trip, with the intention: together we can change the energy in the world. The only thing we need is, a strong connection.

Together in the same frequency

The philosophy behind my work and this project is that everything is connected to one another. In Sacred Geometry (upon which my art is based) the connection becomes visible. But that also applies to our intentions, feelings, thoughts and experiences. We all live on the same planet, in the same energy, with the same challenges. We all have the desire to be connected to one another, in whatever way too. And I feel and believe that we are only able to change the world with this connection, especially if it is about money and shortage.

Together in the same frequency, 8 days long. Growing, attuning and creating together. It could possibly be the start of something bigger. That is my intention with the Money Trip, not only to change your life but mine too, and also to send out a strong signal to the mass consciousness. We are all connected in one way and that goes further than we can understand. Our thoughts, our feelings: they all create a world, which we all give form to, together. When fear overrules, the result is that many people then create the same images of fear. And the fear of losing is here now, more than ever before. That is why I want to give different signals to as big a group a possible: we are in love. We are all actively contributing to the evolution of everyone. We are energetically connected and yes: we live in abundance!

The frequency in ‘the field’

In June we started with more than 2100 people. The Money Trip became a platform for an incredible, positive movement. I want to continue this energy. I want to invite you to take part, to add your energy too. Do it in the first place for yourself, to bring abundance into your life, but also to strengthen this frequency in ‘the field’ in which we live.

In higher spheres we can activate our true potential and deploy it for a higher purpose. This world deserves abundance and needs people who live it. Time to start the energy up again and to collate the powers. The countdown has begun … who knows, until Monday!

From heart to heart

More information about the Money Trip... Starting on Monday September 18th

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