October 2, 2017

BLOG | With passion you can create what you want

The frequency that opens the heart, is passion. It is a strong frequency that is coupled with the things that give you energy. This can be everything. There are no rules in this area. Having a passion is not connected to a job or a hobby – it is a warm feeling in your heart. In how far you can allow this feeling, depends on the choices that you make yourself. Passion is just like fire – the more fuel you feed it, the higher the flames.

Passion is not having to think about how much time, energy or money you need to spend on something.

People, who feel their passion and give it space, are happier, more focussed and filled with love and optimism. They have the will to grow and the courage to step off the well-beaten tracks. In every problem, which comes up, they see the possibility to learn. The passion that drives them means that they don’t think about how much time, energy of money that they have to spend on something. Because in their perception what is important is how they in every situation can keep the fire going within. If that does not happen, for one or other reason, then they go looking for new challenges to make the passion within blossom again.

Passion is what you need to experience living life to the full. It does not matter what gives you energy, as long as you keep the fire burning inside, each and every day. Giving yourself permission to experience passion, is the most beautiful present that you can give yourself. In that way you are accepting the invitation to your soul to discover why you have come here. Passion can be big, but it starts will small things. Just let it be, give it fuel and you will be surprised what you receive in return!

Three questions to reach your passion

It was in 2004 when I first made contact with my guide Saïe. After I had had a rather strange experience as a result of a deep meditation – I began to see all sorts of holograms that I would later develop into art – I suddenly felt his presence. It was a voice in my head that shared all sorts of information, which I did not understand in the first place. By writing everything down, it became clear that I was not going mad. I had made contact with a special, loving light being that wanted to inspire me to look at my life in another way.

The communication with Saïe usually was by writing. What I can remember well, is that not long after the first contact I received an explanation about how you can create anything you want. Of course I was curious about what Saïe told me, is that everything begins with passion. This brought a number of questions to the surface. Passion was something that was missing from my life and I wanted to know how I could receive it. I had already given up my job in advertisement, knowing that I would not find it there. So I asked Saïe how I could discover what my passion is?

Three questions

Saïe was very clear. If I wanted to find passion, I had to listen to him properly and follow his directions without any doubt. What he gave me, were three clear insights that I had to integrate into my life. Each choice that I would make from that moment, had to be connected to one of the three. I was not allowed to fill anymore in. I would automatically find out what passion really means and even though I was not jumping for joy about leaping into the unknown, I promised Saïe that I would keep to the rules.

What were the insights? To be perfectly honest, they were so simple that I could almost not believe it. In the first place I found it too good to be true, but I will admit that I was sceptical. Finally Saïe would be right, even though I could not see it myself. What we gave to me, were the following three questions to achieve my passion.
  1. What makes you enthusiastic?
  2. When do you feel comfortable?
  3. What makes you impatient?

My answers: (1) Music, (2) when I am alone in silence designing art (3) when I have planned a journey. According to Saïe this was enough to know that I had found my passion. I did not understand it fully, but I kept my promise: every choice that I would make I would attune to these three questions.

It took almost a year before I saw where Saïe wanted to lead me. It was at a certain moment during my stay in Canada that the penny finally dropped. Someone, who is a fan of my work, invited me to Vancouver. It was a big honour for me and I had spent a lot of time preparing and making a fantastic multi-media presentation, with texts, beautiful images, my art and very special music. Just before I was about to go on stage and behind the scenes stood there thinking what I was going to tell people, it came to me. I had of course found my passion … much earlier than I realised! Here I was standing in Canada, with a presentation in which I was sharing my favourite music and presenting the artwork that I had made in complete isolation. The three insights had given me something, which I could never thought possible before. It was there, on that moment in Vancouver, that I had to agree that Saïe was right, with passion you can create what you want.

Over the years my passion has become stronger. My project still rests on the three insights that I received from Saïe. What I have learnt more over the years is, that passion is not something that only stands at the base of creation, and it also ensures that you remain true to yourself. In the past I only had a job for a maximum of 5 years before I left, to go and find my luck elsewhere. What I am doing now, I have keep going for 13 years! I have designed more than 120 holograms over the years and built up a rich collection of music. I don’t only travel to cities anymore but also to sacred grounds in Glastonbury, Montserrat, Ibiza and Siberia. And everywhere that I come I am touched once more in my passion and I am amazed how this all happened thanks to Saïe’s input.

The best thing of all is that I really enjoy what I do every day. This is the thing that I love to give to people: my passion. This book is also a part of this. Of course I want to give you something and I hope that you will get as much as possible from it for yourself, but I am not writing this to prove or teach you anything. I am sharing it, because I enjoy sharing it with you. And if it can inspire you to find your passion, then that is wonderful too!

And that is how you have to be if you want to find your passion. You have to enjoy it, without needing the approval of someone else. Do things that you enjoy and don’t attach a goal to them. The most beautiful things occur not from great plans, but purely from playing freely and enjoying.

I wanted to share this chapter from my book 'Activate your Calling' as inspiration with this week frequency Passion.

Heart to Heart, 


About the book...

As a child I was often asked: 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' If you have become that or not, in fact it says little about who you are. This book shows you that everything can just move rapidly if you attune yourself to a much more important question: 'Why am I here on this Earth?'

Janosh is an artist, writer, medium, visionary, stylist, designer and so much more. But more important he is someone who knows what he lives for. Janosh feels his Calling and that is to bring something beautiful to the Earth, something that inspires us to live in another way. He begins to permeate this in his work Activate your Calling where you can read what you need and just like Janosh, get up every day with the feeling that you are here for a reason on this earth.

Discover the 13 keys in this book to help you to live from your heart, without boundaries and without limiting yourself. Make contact with your passion, self-esteem and self-confidence. Feel the value of perseverance and the importance of focus as a shield against distraction, manipulation and polluted powers. Inspiring anecdotes await you as well as practical tips to gain more from your life. All of this as well as quotes and beautiful design Activate your Calling is a really fascinating book of art to either give to yourself or to another as a present.

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Star Siewertsen
Star Siewertsen October 6, 2017 at 12:02 AM

Thank you so much for sharing, Janosh <3 . Today I was asking myself the wrong questions, while trying to find my passion :) Actually when this did bring me to tears, feeling the neverending love through you from the Arcturians. Namaste, so much love, heart to heart.