July 15, 2017


In May I began to write blogs about money. I have seen that there is a lot of interest in this theme and especially how you can keep the energy of abundance going in your life. My experience is that somewhere in the middle of the month (when money becomes less available) a lot of people begin to throw out quotes that bring the energy down. Think about: ‘There is no budget for that’, ‘We are really tight for money at the moment’, or ‘We have to manage with what we have got’. These are types of ‘energy killers’ that in a negative way determine your creation process. Often you are not aware that you make these sorts of comments. You just pick them up because they are hanging ‘in the air’.

‘There is no budget for’

In the Money Cycle, the sequel to the Money Trip, I am going to talk about how we can ensure every month that we remain in the ‘up energy’, where we experience abundance and attract money like a magnet. To achieve this, it is important that you are aware of where you are constantly confronted when you make contact with the theme money. What often happens in the second or third week of the month (when the salaries have already been paid), is that bubble of abundance bursts and the energy of optimism drops. Suddenly there is an unnatural need for control. Especially people who do a lot of business and negotiate, can feel that. People become more defensive, more careful. Money matters are done in a rational way – the intuition becomes subordinate. This shows itself in killers, such as ‘we don’t have the money for this’. These are subtle signals that the freedom that is experienced at the beginning of the month – when money is flowing more than usual – begins to decline. Exactly at this point, you need to be sharp and feed yourself with positive energy, otherwise you fall back into shortfall.

What I have experienced in the past was that in this phase I could be restless, even if there was not a reason for this. On paper I am an entrepreneur, which means that I am not really dependent on a moment when I receive money. Even so I feel that I go along with the cycles of the monthly flow of money and that in the middle of the month I have to be careful that I don’t take over any patterns. I have also said the words ‘there is no budget for that’, even though I don’t want to think that way. I want to create, move forward and think in possibilities. By saying that there is no budget for something, is giving yourself shortfall. It is killing for your creative power!

Creative Words

A wise man once said to me: ‘Money must never be the problem why you cannot move forward’. I agree with that. If you really want something and dare to give in to your desire, then there is enough money going around to attract for yourself. And even more not everything costs money and by being creative you can achieve a lot without having to open your wallet. The reason that a lot of people get stuck with their ‘budget problems’ is because they do not feel free. At a subconscious level they feel held back by the energy that overrules, in which the courage and the will is missing, to get on with important things in a big way.

What I am appealing for is, that every month in the ‘down phase’ we all go and stand in the front of the mirror every day and say positive affirmations. We have to keep the ‘up energy’ going with sentences like ‘I am in abundance’ and ‘everything is possible’. To wear down the well-known killers in our system and replace them with creative words – that is the idea. In the Money Cycle this is the key to keep yourself sharp, with a series of activations as well of course, to stimulate your energy level every day. If you are taking part or not; be alert about what you say. Words have a charge and influence each creative process, if you want that or not. Use words that are connected to abundance and avoid the ‘killers’, which are totally opposite to that. It gives you so much more in the end.

From heart to heart,


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Janosh July 16, 2017 at 8:20 PM

Marian, de Money Cycle gaat 20 juli van start, enkele dager er voor ontvang je een email met alle inlogcodes. Geniet van de cycle.

Marian Schollaert July 16, 2017 at 7:51 PM

Beste ,
2 weken geleden betaalde ik 14,95 eu om deel te nemen aan The money cycle maar heb nog steeds niets ontvangen !
Wil u dit even nagaan aub ?

Groeten ,
Marian Schollaert