The universe lives according to the law that energy is cyclical, which means: all that you broadcast, returns. So it is in fact very simple to transmit what you want by means of thoughts and feelings, and subsequently receiving it back at a later time. We humans make it all more complicated than it really is. We do not realise that we are able to perform miracles, because we seek confirmation in explainable facts in everything that happens.

Even when we witness something extraordinary, we say it is coincidence or the will of the gods. By not realising that you have infinite power to create, you throw away your own strength. Please realise from now on that you can create anything and do not label something as a 'coincidence' when in fact you have initiated it yourself.

The frequency of Realisation helps you in believing even more in yourself and to trust and believe in the ability to perform miracles.

I realize I can create what I want.

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Tatyana Sheptunova May 10, 2017 at 2:55 PM

Благодарю!!! Очень вовремя для меня