You are ready for a new phase in your life. What used to feel normal to you and seemed to happen automatically has suddenly become a conflict; you are unable to gain any energy. You recognize by feeling that you are emptied in situations, which you used to think of as a challenge, and although you are able to persevere that you must fight and keep going, sooner or later you realize that you are going down a one-way street.

Then you will have to accept the unavoidable, that you have to change course. Resign to the situation in which you find yourself, because it does not serve any purpose to keep struggling. The only way to recover is to make choices, which will really make you change. Nothing can go wrong, because you have been at this point before. Even now you will make the right choices, as long as you trust what your heart tells you.

The frequency ACQUIESCENCE helps you to find calm in failing situations and to find the strength to make new choices.

It’s time to make new choices.

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