Introducing Janosh App

Janosh App is a specially designed tool by Janosh's team. Its main aim is to help you on a daily basis: 

  • to get an energy boost every morning 
  • to cope with any problemsituation or mood anytime during the day
  • to calm down and relieve stress in the evening 

Janosh's unique method in combination with his amazing work will help you achieve this!

How It Works

Watch a short tutorial video from Janosh that shows how to use the App on a daily basis.

How To Begin

Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Download Janosh App on iOS (for your iPhone and iPad), Android (for your Phone and Tablet) or use on your PC/Mac (via any web browser);
  2. Become a member by creating a free account;
  3. Subscribe to unlock the full potential of Janosh App;
  4. Set up a daily reminder for morning and evening activity;
  5. Done. Now you have a tool to help you every day! Just create a habit.

What People Say

  • “I personally love the morning ritual. Somehow I always get the right inspiration for a perfect start of my day. Last week I got ‘Devotion’ two times. It helped me a lot. Thanks!” – Maria (Barcelona, Spain)
  • “This app is wonderful! Totally worth a try, if you ask me. I’m not really a morning person but the Activations give me a lot of energy, which is why I try to do them every day now. Good thinking of adding the reminders as well. Makes it so much easier to keep it up.” – John (London, UK)
  • “What I like about the app is the ‘During the day’ option. I’ve been a fan of Janosh’s work for years and this is exactly what I was missing, because I never knew which Hologram to pick. To sort them by occasion is just fantastic. I use it whenever I am in a bad mood or when I need some inspiration, especially at work.” – Eva (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • “Just need to share that I passed my drivers exam today! I failed two times, so I was really nervous. I figured it had to do with my low self-esteem and somehow the app popped up in my mind. After pressing ‘During the day’ I selected ‘Raise Your Self-Esteem’ and that’s how I found the Activation of Self Confidence. I did it two times before the exam and it worked! I felt so much more confident than last time and the examiner even gave me a compliment about my driving technique! Thanks a lot!” – Sarah (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • “The meditations are beautiful. Very unique. Very relaxing. Sometimes I listen to one in the train on my way home. Especially ‘Processing’ helps me to calm down after a busy day at the office. I heard that there are more coming, so I’m waiting for it! Thanks.” – Irina (Moscow, Russia)
  • “I’m a big fan of the Webinars. Janosh always shares exactly what I need to hear. And to be online with all these people at the same time is so inspiring! It makes the Activations even more powerful. You can feel the love connection we’re all making together. For me this was the main reason to download the app and I like that the Webinars are recorded now. It used to be a live moment only, but now I can watch it whenever I want.” – Becky (Sydney, Australia)
  • “I’m so glad with the reminders! Every time I attend one of Janosh’s events, he tells the same: that the power is in the repetition. You need to watch the Activations regularly to keep the process going. I always try to, but sometimes I just forget it and that’s when I fall back in old habits. But now, thanks to this, I can build a new one.” – Kirsten (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

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