January 2, 2017


To me travelling through life is all about following an instinct, also called intuition, which is the same as the voice of the heart. The place where wisdom lives which not only reacts to the knowledge learnt; but also has the certainty which only the Soul understands. A truth that knows nothing about the ‘how’s or ‘why’s’, but just needs to feel and to have the conviction of what steps must be taken for action.

The challenge is to listen to that inner voice, which in the majority of situations, rebels against the mind and confronts the opinion of those who want the best for us. For those who never learnt from their culture or education and enables them to know instinctively which piece of the puzzle needs to be moved; what direction should be taken or what should be pushed away. Even though you perhaps may not get a reward for that choice right away.

To be able to follow your heart you not only need courage and daring; but clarity, judgment, self-confidence, lots of self-confidence... which means that without self-love we cannot reach the self-confidence we need to literally switch on the engine of our most important vehicle: our intuitive heart, the right hemisphere of the brain, our powerful little inner voice or whatever we prefer to call it.

There are many ways to get that inner peace and clarity but we need to be empowered. Often it is very difficult to achieve this if we have distractions in our surroundings. Distractions create or feed our fears, doubts and even insecurities. These are born in our mind, which has the memory to storage experiences, which might in the end create beliefs. It is not a matter of ‘killing the ego’, but to use it with gratitude for our learning process and for our personal growth. This is the way to understand and integrate the experiences we live, so we can transform them into the strength we need, to approach us more and more love and respect for ourselves.

Each habit is created by repetition. You don't decide wake up one day in a bad mood and to feel obliged to go through the rest of your day insecure or underestimated. This is the reason why we must re-educate ourselves to find time and space for ourselves, to confront the mind and heart and little by little tell ourselves that we don’t need GPS to take control of the steering wheel. That those who trust in a way that all will be revealed and even if it means that the ride is longer, the ‘extra path’ will show things we did not expect.

If perhaps when you read this that you feel any sensations in your body that are asking for peace, disconnection, re-connection, time and space for yourself in a safe, lovely and harmonious atmosphere. Or if you are searching for extra tools which might help you to get rid of the things that you no longer need anymore and at the same time inspire you to connect more with the power and confidence that lives inside you... then have a look at the retreat that we will be hosting in the Magical and Mystical Island of Ibiza in February of 2017. The theme will be Sacred Sexuality & Self-Love, which activate all the actions and reactions of our life.

The wonderful experience we had last October in Ibiza hosting that retreat, motivates us to repeat it one more time; but this time with the intimacy of the warm winter season, the beauty of the deserted beaches and almond trees in blossom.

We are looking forward to share this experience!

With Love,
Miriam & Janosh

More information about our journey in February

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