Energetic Therapy (E.T.) is an awareness-raising training, based on art by Janosh. These cards all have an energetic vibration (frequency) which helps to activate a deeper layer of consciousness. The E.T. method can be used for clients, but can also be used to advance your own personal development.

How it all started

In 2005 Janosh started designing unique card boxes. His intention was to get people acquainted with his unique art; art which touches many levels of consciousness. In addition, Janosh received information to equip every card with a unique, energetic code on the back of each card. The code was to contain a certain percentage of silver, which is how the name silver code came into being.

The card boxes were a great success, even though often we received questions as to how people could benefit more from working with the cards. People were intrigued by the silver codes and the tangible frequencies connected with it. This inspired Janosh to start teaching people how to use the cards the right way.

In 2012 E.T. was born; a new line of workshops in which Janosh started teaching people his effective 1-on-1 method, aimed at those who have ambition to do energy work. At the time, the training contained four modules (Basics, Intermediate, Advanced and Master). However, after a while it became apparent that not everybody had the ambition to work with this technique professionally, which is why in 2015 the choice was made to create two options; one for professionals (E.T. Evolved) and one for those who want to use it privately, for themselves and others in their immediate environment (E.T. Independent).

Weitere Informationen über die Kurse ET

More information about the ET Training


Develop your intuition with E.T. Evolved (Energetic Therapy by Janosh): a simple and powerful method of raising awareness. Learn the secret of his holograms and how to really connect with someone in a supporting and loving way. You surpass all their limitations, the excuses, the masks, the fears and the thought patterns, to discover that there is so much more to “see”. 

Who is it for? 

E.T. Evolved is for those who are already doing energy work or want to do so in the future. The goal of this 2-day training is to provide you, as an energetic therapist, with the most effective method to inspire others and/or help your clients to get overcome their emotional challenges faster. Whether or not you have experience with offering sessions, it is important that your goal is to work with clients at a professional level.

Sacred Geometry as a starting point

Sacred Geometry is the starting point for a journey leading you from Plato to Da Vinci, the Tree of Life, the Golden Ratio, the Metatron’s Cube and the five platonic solids, the building blocks of the Universe. We will briefly look at the theory behind this mysterious language and from there we are going to embark on the most interesting part of this training: practical experiments!

How to work with the cards

In E.T. Evolved you learn how to work with Janosh’s cards: your keys to get access to your client’s subconscious, enabling you to better “read” your client. You will work with the Energy Box containing more than 100 geometric holograms, which you can use in each session. The goal is to use the cards as a way of accessing certain emotional blocks, like rejection, fear of failure, frustration, sadness, anger and anything that can limit a client’s growth.

During this workshop you will receive different practical tools and techniques to help you with scanning your own feelings, strengthening your intuition and learning to (better) understand your client’s signals. On top of that you will receive valuable tips for your practice, based on the experience Janosh gained in the last 10 years both in the Netherlands and abroad. This will enable you to start working with your clients on a day to day basis and help them move forward in a professional way. 


As an energetic therapist, it is important to know what chakras are, in other words: the seven main wheels (or nodes) of energy throughout the body. The energy channels of the body run through these nodes, each having a specific meaning based on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. Step by step we will walk you through the chakra system, giving you an impression of how it works. There is a lot of information you can obtain from chakras, which is why we spend quite some time on this subject. We will also let you experience how different chakras react to different sounds (tones).

What can you expect?

• A short introduction on Sacred Geometry
• Instruction on using the cards
• How to connect at a deeper level
• How to read body language
• How to scan eyes and how to 'read' clients
• How to learn to speak freely from higher self
• How to work with scent frequencies and energy frequencies of the silver codes (i.e. . the remedies)
• How to clear your own energy field and protect yourself
• How to switch easily and effectively between clients
• How to scan energy
• How to shift energy
• How to heal emotional blocks
• How to recognize chakras / learn to scan chakras
• Insights in (family) karma
• How to give a session

Professional therapists of Janosh

Do you need help or inspiration for your personal growth? Let us refer you to one of the professional therapists of Janosh. A general session consists of making energetic connection through geometry and eye contact. You can find a list of certified therapists below. Click on a city that is close to your location.

  • Moskau (3) x
  • Altai (1) x
  • Limburg (6) x
  • Noord-Holland (18) x
  • Zuid-Holland (15) x
  • Zeeland (0) x
  • Friesland (1) x
  • Groningen (0) x
  • Drenthe (2) x
  • Overijssel (0) x
  • Noord Brabant (5) x
  • Utrecht (3) x
  • Gelderland (1) x
  • Flevoland (2) x
  • N-Holland (11) x
  • Barcelona (7) x
  • Madrid (2) x
  • Castellón (1) x
  • Tenerife (1) x
  • Vlaanderen (5) x
  • South France (1) x
  • Santiago (0) x
  • Bogota (0) x
  • Angélique Bijlaart – van Lieshout
  • Praktijk Angélique Bijlaart
  • +31 6 15170154
  • www.bronkracht.nu
  • Rosmalen
  • Nederlands/Dutch
  • Bianca Hausmanns
  • Floww of Nature
  • +31646 057 752
  • www.flowwofnature.eu
  • Hoofdstraat 66 | Posterholt
  • Dutch
  • Cathrien Ector
  • Golden Hearts Healing Centre
  • +31 402 838 223
  • http://www.wakipi.nl
  • Freule Claralaan 12, 5673MP | Nuenen
  • Dutch
  • Marlêne Evertz
  • Touch for Life
  • +31 614 871 144
  • marleneevertz@me.com
  • Dr. J.M. den Uijlstraat 5 | Gorinchem
  • Dutch
  • Teddy Koning
  • Teddy Koning, Energetische Therapie, Coaching & Healing
  • 06-15909601 of 071-
  • teddy.koning@ziggo.nl
  • Leidseweg 534 | Voorschoten
  • Dutch
  • Евгения Шеховцова
  • Мастер ЭТ
  • +7 903 990 6117
  • http://vpotoce.ru/
  • Барнаул, Россия
  • Russian
  • Simon Honigh
  • Shimoon Energetische Therapie Coaching
  • 06-46214742
  • http://shimoon.nl
  • Buwitsacker 24 | Castricum
  • NL
  • Jacqueline Rijks
  • Beauty & healthcenter Kalynda
  • 06-20971921
  • http://www.kalynda.nl
  • Kruisstraat 14 | Munstergeleen
  • Dutch
  • Lutgarde Verbiest
  • Schoonheids- Wellness- en Healingscentrum
  • 0032/477 47.13.90
  • http://www.healingscentrum.be
  • Zandstraat 47 | Sint-Job-In-'t-Goor
  • Dutch
  • Miquel Forés Roca
  • Terapeuta
  • (+34) 645099596
  • miquel.fores.roca@gmail.com
  • Avda. Jacinto Benavente, 8. 7º-A 12580 Benicarló (Castellón)
  • SP
  • Miriam Martínez
  • Terapeuta y Coordinadora Janosh España.
  • +34 653668760
  • miriam@janosh.com
  • Barcelona, España
  • ENG | ESP
  • Rianne Berkhout
  • Energetic Therapist
  • 06 23 06 19 01
  • r8berkhout@gmail.com
  • Salsastraat 50 | Almere
  • Dutch
  • Rosalia van Overeem
  • Energetic Therapist
  • +31 614 961 393
  • reinro@xs4all.nl
  • Amazonelaan 136 | Purmerend
  • Dutch