Frequently asked questions about Cosmic Care

About the program

You decide when you begin. Once you are enrolled, you will have access and you can start.

You can register for Cosmic Care as follows:

You have an account and are logged in
Click in the main menu on “Cosmic Care”. Scroll down and click on “Register”. Add to your shopping cart and after checkout you can start.

You have an account and are not logged in
In the main menu, click on “Account”. Log in with your details. Then click “Cosmic Care” in the top menu. Scroll down and click on “Start this course”. Add to your shopping cart and after checkout you can start.

You don’t have an account
Click on “Cosmic Care” in the top menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click “Start this course”. Add to your basket and create a free account with password during checkout. Checkout and log into your account. You can now access Cosmic Care via the button in the top menu.

After purchase you have unlimited access to Cosmic Care. You can watch the videos, activations and meditations as often as you like.

You can choose how long you take to follow Cosmic Care. The program is designed for 3 weeks of inspiration. But you determine your own pace.

About the process

There is no time limit. You can take as long as you want.

You can complete several steps at once. For the activations we advise to leave at least two hours in between.

Yes. You can skip themes (we do not advise this). However, you have to play the videos to the end to check off a theme.

You can take as long as you want. If you want to stay in a fixed rhythm, four days per phase is the most advisable.

Yes, you can redo themes or pause and catch up later. It is recommended to follow the process though.

Check if you played the video of the current theme all the way to the end. The button below the video will automatically change color, so you can check off the theme and continue.

About the activations

An activation is a kind of visual meditation, where you focus for some time on the geometric art of Janosh. At the same time you hear special music that enhances the experience. An activation does something different to you than a meditation: it awakens something in your subconscious mind. So nothing is asked of you (no visualisations or the like). It is purely a communication with your soul.

The activations create an entrance to your deepest consciousness. You feel this physically (sensations, stimuli, tingling), mentally (widening or relief), emotionally (feelings come to the surface) and spiritually (more contact with your mission or soul plan).

There is no limit to how often you can watch. We do recommend taking at least 2 hours between sessions. Note that watching more often will not necessarily have more effect.

We recommend taking at least 2 hours between sessions.

Repetition is the power. But feel good whether you have to watch more than once or not. The activations are different and each have a different effect. Some feel nice and you may want to see more often. Others may evoke emotions that you must process.

No. You can view everything when you are logged in, however it is not possible to download the content.

It is not recommended to do any other activations during the Cosmic Care process. A certain order has been chosen to get the most out of it for yourself. You are free to do other activations or meditations in between, but for a successful progress we advise to keep only the focus on Cosmic Care.

Other questions

Yes, that’s possible. Janosh’s webinars are tailored to what is going on among people and can support you in the joint growth process.

Yes you can. Make sure you are logged out of the website and go to the Cosmic Care page. Add to your cart and enter the person’s details during the checkout process to create a new account for him or her.

Cosmic Care is intended for inner healing. When you are sick, it can promote your physical recovery. Keep an eye on whether you have enough energy for it.

If the link doesn’t work, you can copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser. Click Enter and you will arrive at the right page.

Is your question not listed? Please send us an email. We try to answer asap.

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