The mission of your soul depicted in art

This year Janosh will begin The Art Project based on the blueprint of your soul. Regularly he will tune in with someone to ‘download’ a personal hologram. The outcome is your own artwork based on who you actually are, where you come from and what your mission is here on earth. You will receive this on Acrylic/Plexiglass size 80x80cm.

About the Soul

Janosh often did this during retreats: connecting people with their personal hologram. He called it the ‘soul matrix’ or in other words: a blueprint of the soul. In his unique coded handwriting Janosh depicts what the essence and mission is of your soul, which results in a beautiful creation that does not only give insight and clarity but is also beautiful to look at.

In the past the Soul Matrix was just a ‘part’ of the programme. But people reacted so enthusiastically, that Janosh always wished to do more with this. His wish will be granted with the Art Project. It is project which is all about the soul and its path to freedom and enlightenment, with you in the leading role and Janosh as the translator of the soul plan that lies hidden within you.

Janosh art

The steps in the process

Step 1 You will have an intake conversation with Janosh (via Skype)
Step 2 You will receive a questionnaire to fill in about your life
Step 3 Janosh will make a hologram for you with a complete explanation (what he saw, felt and what the components of your hologram mean).
Step 4 A Skype session upon delivery, with inspiration, direction and insights.
Step 5 You will receive the artwork on Acrylic/Plexiglass size 80×80 cm. This includes a special system to hang this up. It is a one-off piece, which means it is unique and only meant for you.

Interested? Please fill in your personal details below and we will get back to you!