Sometimes things have to get even worse before they get better. A transformation can only take place at the deepest point. Then you feel it happen: a new fire awakens in you. But to get to that hidden fire, we often have to wait for a long time and squirm about before we finally reach the bottom.

In this three-day retreat Janosh will quickly take you to the bottom with awareness with a series of activations (active meditations) and sessions that make the downwards spiral even faster. Rock Bottom is the promise, or in other words: the moment of your personal break through.


A magical turning point

Rock Bottom gives answers to all the need to survive the worst, without getting any scars. You are energetically going through a necessary process to reach a turning point, which in daily life, perhaps is not possible because you lose control over your emotions. There can also be resistance to go through the layers of fear and beliefs. But even so the result is worth it: a turning point that feels like being born again.

In three days Janosh will do everything to reach the end of the tunnel. His programme is designed to find your mental breaking point, which means that all the resistance disappears, and you say to yourself: ‘Enough is enough!’ A number of powerful activations, meditations, exercises and rituals will support this process, with the result:

  • Energy, belief and optimism;
  • A new perspective on your life;
  • A stronger feeling of self-esteem;
  • Insight in life and behavioral patterns that restrict you;
  • Concrete steps so that you can get going at home;
  • A magical weekend which will assist you for a long time!


Start Friday 26 June 2020 – Arrival between 10 and 11 AM
End Sunday 28 June 2020 – Departure around 5 PM

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