What is a webcast?
A webcast is a live broadcast via internet. This will take approximately one hour and consists of an introduction, activation (with images and music) and ending. Janosh will address you via his webcam and will take you towards the starting moment of the activation. Underneath the screen you will find a chat room, which you can use for questions and/or remarks. Depending on the time left after a session, Janosh will answer as many questions as possible via chat.

How does it work?
The webcast is free to watch. For optimal participation, it is important you have a good internet connection, and make sure you don’t have other programs up and running. It is also handy to have a headset ready or some speakers with adjustable volume control. Finally, make sure that your mobile phone is switched off and that you cannot be disturbed.

“Just like the Greek philosopher Plato said: “Sacred Geometry will lead the soul to the truth.””