There are no subjects more controversial than sexuality. It is the greatest secret we carry with us, knowing that it makes us vulnerable to our surroundings. The idea that someone else knows which sexual desires you cherish, and what feelings you have, is downright scary and even catastrophic when it becomes public. All this in spite of the fact that sexuality is the most powerful energy a human being can experience. It is the catalyst for a Supreme State of being and a great incentive for our self-esteem, self-confidence and creativity. Whoever has an outlet to relieve sexual tension, owns the key to ultimate freedom. So, please be aware of how you deal with sexuality. Rid yourself of any judgment, let go of all fear and feel love for yourself and your body. Accept any thoughts that may arise; thoughts which you don’t always need to express, but which you don’t need to suppress either – just allow them to be there. Realise from now on that sexuality is much more than a physical act. It is joining love and life force together to create total balance. The frequency of Sexuality opens the channel for sexual energy, so that more love and life force can start to flow freely. 



The frequency of Gift helps you connect with your ability to recognize the path to your dreams, so that you can achieve them.

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The frequency of Perspective helps you to re-direct set backs by looking at things differently.

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The frequency of Transformation helps you to initiate changes to raise your level of consciousness

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The frequency of Seeds helps you to see that if you sow with every step you go, eventually something will grow from it.

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The frequency of Innocence brings you back to the feelings you had as a child: pure, sincere and playful, without inhibitions, insecurities, fears or doubts.

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