What is an activation?

An activation consists of a short session with geometry and music. Whilst you are watching and listening, a communication begins with your subconscious. Try by comparing this to meditating with your eyes open.

How does it work?

In an activation, a hologram is built up layer by layer. The intention is that you keep your eyes focused on the middle of the screen, so that your subconscious can see all of the geometry. In the meantime, tune into the music. If you are asked to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and keep your eyes shut until the music stops.

What is the effect?

The activations help you to take a distance from reality. They bring you in contact with your true essence, or in other words: what remains when all the boundaries are removed. This sleeping consciousness lies beneath many layers of fear, beliefs and behavior. Because each hologram contains specific information for your subconscious, then each activation(s) can be perceived differently. Reactions can be:

-       More energy and creativity.

-       More relaxation, balance and self-confidence.

-       Contact with your deepest emotions and desires.

-       A strong focus on what you want to achieve.

-       Blocked emotions are cut loose..

-       Energetic and physical blockages can be released.

Watch the activations