Frequently Asked Questions

How do the holograms work?

Janosh’s holograms are based on geometry. By focusing your attention, you can make contact with your subconscious, and from there increase your energy. Focus on the center of the image without paying attention to anything else.

How long do I have to look at a hologram before something happens?

There is no time associated with the working of a hologram. Often a few minutes are sufficient to feel something. In other cases it may take longer before you notice anything. It depends on how strong your power of concentration is, and how open you are. If you feel nothing, it may be that your mind is too occupied, or that the situation does not lend itself to it.

What feeling do I get when I focus on the holograms?

While focusing on the different holograms you may feel different things. Physical examples are: pressure on the forehead, increased body temperature, a light feeling in legs, arms, neck and shoulders or the feeling that you sink back into your seat. This is usually accompanied by feelings of joy, pleasure and recognition. Depending on the frequency of the hologram, certain emotions can be triggered that indicate blockages in your energy system.

Can viewing the holograms also be harmful?

No. The holograms have a healing effect. They clear the energy channels in your body from obstructions, through which several emotions might emerge. There are no psychological or physical consequences to this process.

What effect do the holograms have on my life?

Daily work with the holograms helps your intellect and feelings to better communicate with each other. This allows your left and right brain halves to cooperate actively together, in order to feel more balanced. You feel stronger, more vital and empowered. Geometry enables you to accelerate your personal development. More synchronicity will occur in your life, so you can attain your goals faster.

Can I use the holograms at any time of day?

Yes. If you can create a moment for yourself to peacefully focus on the holograms, it can be done at any time of day.

How do I know which hologram I should choose?

There are no rules associated with the holograms. You are free to choose what inspires you the most.

Can I download the holograms?

Yes. All holograms are free to use, as long as it is for private purposes. All art by Janosh is copyrighted. Re-use for commercial purposes is prohibited, unless Janosh Art grants you official permission to do so.

Can I put content of this website on my own website?

In order to promote Janosh Art, it is permitted to copy content from this site for your own website, provided the source is mentioned with a link to the page where it came from. Substantive changes in text or image as well as forms of plagiarism are considered copyright infringement. Re-use for commercial purposes is prohibited, unless Janosh Art grants you official permission to do so.

May I share social media content with others?

Messages, images, and videos that are shared through social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) are available as ‘free content.’ This material has been released for others to share. Substantive changes in text or image as well as forms of plagiarism are considered copyright infringement.

What are frequencies?

A frequency is another name for an energy vibration. Although we cannot see it, we are surrounded by these vibrations. They are everywhere and constantly changing. Janosh creates his holograms based on these frequencies. Thus all holograms possess their own energy value that can be felt or experienced when you are focusing on it.

What are codes?

A code is another name for a hologram. It is called a code because it gives access to your subconscious.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online session with Janosh. Via internet you can participate and experience an activation in your own home, which is broadcasted via live-stream. Janosh will address you via webcam and share his latest holograms in combination with beautiful music and artwork. There is also an opportunity to pose online questions by means of a chat session, during or after the webinar.

Dates and information in the Agenda.

I would like to visit your Centre before I decide to sign up for a course or workshop. Is that possible?

Yes. A few times per year the Inspirience Centre is free and open to everyone to taste, feel and experience, the so-called Inspirience Days. Please check the agenda for more details.

Can I visit the Centre also on other days than indicated in the calendar?

No. The Inspirience Centre is only accessible to the general public on days when an event takes place or during the Inspirience Days. On all other dates visits are possible only by appointment.

I would like to register for an event. How do I do that?

Look at the Agenda page for an overview of our events. You can subscribe directly via the website, provided there is space. You will receive an email with instructions to finalize registration or you will be linked to our webshop.

Is it possible to make an appointment for a private session?

Yes. Please click here for more information.

How can I order Janosh's products?

Please visit our webshop for the range of products.

How many products can I order in the Webshop?

There is no limit for ordering products. If a particular item is not in stock, we will inform you accordingly. If you have specific questions about products, please send an e-mail to

Can I order the large format holograms, as shown in the Inspirience Centre?

Yes. The artworks are available. There are three different sizes: 80 x 80, 40 x 40 and 20 x 200 cm. Please visit our webshop for more information:

How can I pay for the products?

The payment methods at the webshop are: iDeal, PayPal and by Credit Card. Please follow the instructions on the screen.

What are the costs for shipping?

More information can be found in our webshop:

What are the delivery times?

Shipment of our products is based on the following delivery times: 1-3 days in the Netherlands; within Europe 3-5 days; to the rest of world 5-10 working days. If a product is not received within the stated delivery time, please contact us.

Can I get an invoice?

The order confirmation contains also your invoice. (Including the VAT amount).

Is there a warranty on products?

Yes. All products are sold with a money-back guarantee. For damage caused before delivery, we will send you a replacement. 

Can I still exchange the product after purchase?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with a product, you can return it unopened for exchange or reimbursement.

I have a question that is not listed here. Who can I contact?

Please email your question to  Please note that we receive many emails every day. Our aim is to reply within 5 working days from the date of receip; we will let you know if we need more time to give you a full reply.


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