Live Webinar: Activation Arrival (ENG)
  • 18-7-2012
  • 22:00
  • 23:00
  • € Free

Live Webinar: Activation Arrival (ENG)

An activation in English in your own home! On Wednesday 18 July you will be sitting in your own theatre; you can have a front row seat with your own screen as focus point. With a few clicks you will be  participating in a Webinar, during which Janosh will talk to you live. During this online session he will talk about the theme Arrival. This is about coming home to yourself, a feeling of complete trust, like you experience with your family and friends. It is about being able to recall this feeling in any situation, in order for you to feel free to share your feelings and to follow your heart.

Arrival is also the code of the Activation; a journey into the subconscious via a combination of images and music. Finally, you will also get the opportunity to ask questions, which Janosh will personally answer via chat.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a live broadcast via internet. This will take approximately one hour and consists of an introduction, activation (with images and music) and ending. Janosh will address you via his webcam and will take you towards the starting moment of the activation. Underneath the screen you will find a chat room, which you can use for questions and/or remarks. Depending on the time left after a session, Janosh will answer as many questions as possible via chat.  

How does it work?            

There is no need to subscribe. On the day of the webinar you can directly link up to the page of the webcast via the webcast link (please see below). For optimal participation, it is important you have a good internet connection, and make sure you don’t have other programs up and running. It is also handy to have a headset ready or some speakers with adjustable volume control. Finally, make sure that your mobile phone is switched off and that you cannot be disturbed.

Webcast | 18 july | 22.00 hours   |

Please note:: 22.00 hours Dutch Time, i.e. 20.00h GMT