Crop circles. A well-known phenomena, but till now still inexplicable. They are found all over the world, in America, Canada, Russia amongst others, but also in smaller countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Denmark. England however is the cradle; every year the most complex crop circles are found here. It is not known why, but it seems as if it has to do with the energetic lines of the Earth (ley lines). Our ancestors were very much aware of these ley lines and built their temples and sacred places on such power places. (Stone circles, dolmens, pyramids, etc.).  

Perhaps that is why so many crop circles are found in South- and Mid England, where many ley lines cross each other. This is the area enthusiasts and researchers visit every year. The mystery is capturing us more and more and keeps spiritual discussions alive. Even scientist are still in the dark, because they cannot explain how crop circles are formed. Everything is pointing in the direction of extra-terrestrial activity, although not everyone wants to believe it. Still, there are many clues, such as traces of heat, meteorite dust, bent stems, dead flies and electronic devices that suddenly breakdown whilst investigating these sites.

Sacred Geometry

There is one fact we cannot deny: all crop circles are about Sacred Geometry. This term stems from old civilisations from thousands of years ago. It is being considered the blueprint of the Universe, which is why it is called 'sacred'. Our ancestors knew a lot more about this and they used Sacred Geometry for important initiation rituals. The mystery schools in Egypt are an example, where the teaching of geometry was spread over no less than 24 years – the first half for practical knowledge, the second half about the energetic effect.

An important key figure in history was Greek philosopher Plato. He called geometry 'the Language of the Soul', because it is connected with our feelings. In addition, he saw similarities with nature and he discovered that sacred geometry is shown in everything. An important example is the Golden Ratio, which can be applied to every natural phenomenon. Plato concluded that there are five basic shapes, which according to him are the building blocks of all matter. These shapes were named after him, the so called 'Platonic Solids'. More and more discoveries about the universe seem to confirm Plato's theory, namely that everything is connected to everything else. Even the DNA and cell structure of our body show the same similarities. That is why we experience feelings of recognition when we are in the presence of geometric patterns.

Geometry and humans

Sacred Geometry holds the secret to creation. It is the encryption of everything that exists. When observing crop circles, one can see that the formations are becoming increasingly complicated. This happens for different reasons. One of the reasons is that human nature is becoming more conscious. As humanity opens up more and more to the knowledge present in the holograms, the ability to independently shape life is growing. The more shapes present in formations, the stronger spiritual growth is being stimulated.

The symbolism is stronger than any language, because we are not able to filter the codes. The symbolism resonates in all people, worldwide, regardless of language. Everything takes place in the subconscious, where each hologram resonates with a certain feeling. It is a pure form of communication, offering a new key to mankind, so that doors to different dimensions open up, bringing a deeper knowledge  to the surface.