If we are talking about geometry, we should actually talk about Sacred Geometry. Why sacred? Because Sacred Geometry has been seen since the beginning as the architect of the universe. If you are not able to immediately connect this to an image, this is logical. When you look all around, geometry is not the first thing you will notice. Also it sounds a bit mathematical, even a bit distant, but if you think that you have nothing to do with this, then you are completely wrong. Geometry has everything to do with you, because the truth is: you ARE geometry!


If we go back through time, then Sacred Geometry runs like a golden thread through our history. Our forefathers knew a lot about it and that is the reason why you often find geometry in a lot of architecture. Practically all the old cultures, like the Egyptians, Indians, Celts and Mayans – built their monuments following Sacred Geometry. Temples and sacred grounds were created with careful consideration to the correct numbers, because only the correct, geometric proportions would enable people to please the gods.

Why was Sacred Geometry so important? Because the secret of creation lies hidden behind this ancient knowledge. In the olden times Sacred Geometry formed an important tool to understand life here on earth. People discovered numerous repetitions of the same numerical relationships in nature. Man recognized the ‘hand of God’ in flowers, plants, trees but also in snowflakes, water crystals and shells (a good example is the Nautilus shell) and even the position of stars and planets can be related back to Sacred Geometry.

The Greeks

The word geometry originated from the Greek word that literally means: measurement of the earth. It were the Greeks who originally instigated the study of Sacred Geometry, even though the basic principles were probably taken from Ancient Egypt. The Greeks believed that geometry contained the absolute truth, which could be proved again and again, coupled to logic and based on underlying truths. In their eyes forms and numbers were essential in the universe. They considered geometry and numbers as sacred, as being the instruments to discover the physical reality to meet the Creator.

Probably the most important key figure in this story is the Greek philosopher Plato. He also called geometry ‘The Language of the Soul’ because it is connected to our feelings. Plato could see the connection between geometry and nature and brought his findings back to five basic forms, which to his mind formed the building stones to all matter. These forms are called the Five Platonic Solids. More and more discoveries about earth and the universe confirm Plato’s theory, which is that everything is connected to each other.

The Golden Ratio

An important example of what we in these times still receive from geometry is the ‘Golden Ratio’ (sometimes referred to as Phi). From a mathematical perspective this is the relationship of a line dividing two unequal parts. It is an intriguing ancient understanding that is still discussed in education. Probably the reason why this is ringing a bell, even if you are surprised to know that the Golden Ratio is the symbol that represents universal love. It is also known as the Divine Proportion, because this proportion has always been seen as the absolute guideline for beauty, perfection and godliness.

For this reason the Golden Ratio is something for all times and cultures. People can find the sacred art in Egypt, India, China, The Islam and even older civilizations. The Egyptians built their pyramids based on the Golden Ratio, just like the Romans designed their churches and cathedrals (which is the reason why people always feel ‘at home’ in them). But the same applies to people as well, because Leonardo Da Vinci and Mondrian were similarly inspired in their work too. It is also known that many musicians like Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin applied the Golden Ratio to their music – not so much in the notes, but in the composition itself. Beethoven used the Golden Ratio in his well-known Fifth Symphony as the starting point.

You and geometry

A well-known saying by Plato is: 'Geometry can lead the soul to the truth.' From a human way of thinking, maybe the word ‘truth’ sounds a bit heavy, but everything you need to know about yourself is already hidden within. The subconscious recognizes geometry as a language, because our DNA and cell structure have been formed with the same geometric values. In other words: you ARE geometry!

With a basic understanding of what geometry is, we are able to work together consciously on the co-creation of our evolution. Keeping beliefs about the illusion of separateness ensures that we remain stuck in the energy of competitiveness, in which we have to protect ourselves with knowledge and behavior. In this way you are programmed to just survive and forget who you are. Sacred Geometry helps you to re-discover that forgotten part again, because it goes beyond the filters of our way of thinking. It brings us to the blueprint of our soul.

Even though Sacred Geometry was only experienced in the secret mystery schools, the principles of this knowledge are now available to everyone. The real truth behind the power of Sacred Geometry may have got consistently lost across the centuries. But eventually these symbols will have new meaning for mankind, because they are the instruments to repair our contact with our source, so that we may find unity in diversity.